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How to unlock the FM radio on the Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 has a secret FM radio receiver which is not on the official specs. Although it's hidden by default, you can unlock it by installing a special unofficial application, as shown in the video below. The video also briefly demonstrates the N900's FM transmitter which lets you listen to music files and internet stations on any nearby FM radio (which is quite handy in a car).

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How to update the firmware on the Nokia N900

There have been several firmware updates since the N900 was released, and more are on the way. The video below is intended for beginners who need a little help with updating their device. You don't need a PC, the update can be done entirely on the phone itself.

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How to install Google Talk on the Nokia N900

A companion video to the Skype one, this is another beginner's guide showing how the N900's Accounts system allows you to activate third-party VOIP and messaging services without having to install any extra software.

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How to install Skype on the Nokia N900

"How do I install Skype on it?" - If you or someone you know has been asking this about the Nokia N900, the answer is you don't need to install anything as Skype is built-in. In another video aimed at beginners, All About Maemo goes through how to set up a Skype account, and shows how it is fully integrated into the N900.

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TV Out on the Nokia N900: A beginner's guide

If you haven't already tried it, the TV Out feature of the N900 is potentially very useful and quite a neat party trick too. Despite its analogue signal, the output still looks reasonably good on a large screen. All About Maemo has done a short video aimed at beginners illustrating the basics, embedded below.

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How to create music playlists on the Nokia N900

The N900's built in media player has a slightly eccentric way of handling playlists, but it is fairly easy once you get used to it. We've done a brief video to show you how it works, you can watch it embedded below.

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Nokia N900 - Tutorials, Tips & Hints

This page contains all of All About Maemo's tutorials on how to use the Nokia N900 smartphone. Click on a link to see the relevant tutorial.

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My Nokia N900 user experience

Guest writer Gavin Culverhouse tells of his growing pains with the Nokia N900, concluding that it's certainly not an 'iPhone-killer', but that it's 'different' enough to offer both a challenge to the intelligent user and something capable of multiple 'party tricks'. Read on for his N900 user experience, a.k.a. a cautionary Christmas tale...

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The Evolution of Maemo: Let's not go mad! :-)

The Nokia N900 and the Maemo 5 platform have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the mobile device community, and an unprecedented amount of general interest too. This looks like becoming quite a successful device and a successful launch for the latest version of Maemo. But is there the danger of overhype, of expectations being built up to such an unrealistic level that the actual product becomes an inevitable disappointment? Let's have a look at Maemo's history to see what it can tell us about this topic...

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The Shape Of Things To Come

Maemo 5 has so far been announced on just one form factor, the side-sliding N900 smartphone. We suspect there will be more Maemo 5 devices coming in 2010, but will they all follow in the footsteps of the N900 or will they take on different forms? This article looks at the options open to Nokia over how they can deploy their new cutting edge platform.

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