The Smartphone Quiz: how much of a phone geek are you?

Published by Steve Litchfield at 14:15 UTC, March 10th 2013

So you think you're a smartphone geek?

If you want to actually keep score, just make a note of the number of As, Bs and Cs that best describe your answer to each question below:

1. When you share a photo via a social network, what do you feel compelled to add?

  1. a description of what you had for dinner
  2. your location
  3. the exact camera phone you took the photo with

2. When travelling across town, on a journey you know well, what part does your smartphone play in proceedings?

  1. "it's in my pocket, so not very much"
  2. "ah yes, I'm fully switched on and safe. I have it connected to a Bluetooth earpiece, in case someone calls me"
  3. "running the latest version of Nokia Maps - someone's got to test out those new map versions, you know"

3. When in the High Street, how often do you pop into phone shops?

  1. "why should I? My contract isn't up for another year!"
  2. "once a month, I like to know what some of the new models look like"
  3. "I find it hard to pass any without going in, scanning the shelves, and then torturing the sales staff with ever-harder questions"

4. When a new phone arrives in the post, do you:

  1. put it to one side, for opening at the weekend
  2. take it out, put your SIM in and get on with something else?
  3. rip the packaging off in a frenzy, lock yourself away getting every app and every piece of data on, then demand all family members give their honest opinion of your latest gadget?

5. When choosing a holiday, do you:

  1. pick somewhere really nice/fun
  2. pick somewhere nice/fun, find there's no phone/data signal and then think 'Ah well, I'm on holiday'
  3. pick a place based on its cellular data coverage according to your network's coverage maps

6. Which part of the smartphone lifestyle do you enjoy most?

  1. using it
  2. setting up a new phone over the first week
  3. looking to get your next phone bargain for as cheap a price as possible

7. How many times during a restaurant meal do you check Twitter?

  1. "check? There's only one cheque I'm worried about"
  2. "I try not to get my smartphone out during a social occasion"
  3. "you mean how many times at the actual table? Rather than in the queue or toilets?"

8. How closely do you keep an eye on cellular data use?

  1. "what's 'cellular data'?"
  2. "not very, I've never had an overage bill yet"
  3. "to the nearest 10MB and I know when the monthly cycle gets reset"

9. How long does it take you to check your email from taking your smartphone out of your pocket to putting it back in?

  1. "checking email? Isn't that something I have to do at home?"
  2. a minute or two
  3. 3.4 seconds

10. What does mAh stand for?

  1. "is it 'multi Active something'?"
  2. "something to do with battery capacity?"
  3. milliAmp hours and you know exactly how many your current smartphone's battery is rated at

11. How many 'back up' smartphones do you own?

  1. "what do you mean 'back up'?"
  2. "I sold my old one, but I've got an old Nokia somewhere in a cupboard"
  3. "you mean how many from each OS/ecosystem?"

12. What's the difference between Symbian, Windows Phone, iOS and Android?

  1. "err….."
  2. "they're all different brands of mobile software?"
  3. "the first and last are fully preemptive multitasking operating systems, the middle two have multitasking kernels but present sandboxes environments to users….. oh, wait, you've fallen asleep…."

13. When travelling by train, plane or bus, how many of the phone models used by the dozen people sitting around you, can you name?

  1. "I saw a few iPhones…"
  2. "the guy across from me has an iPhone, the lady beside me has a Galaxy Note… I think."
  3. "what do you mean 'how many'? Don't you mean 'What are they?' Clockwise: iPhone 5 32GB, iPhone 3GS, Galaxy Note II, Nokia N97 mini, Galaxy S III mini, a Blackberry Bold 9900…."

14. When do you charge your smartphone?

  1. "when it's dead and needs recharging, of course"
  2. "I try to remember to plug it in each night - or every other night"
  3. "whenever I can, it's best to be prepared and it'll help the Li-Ion battery last longer"

15. Which date do you most look forward to on your calendar?

  1. Christmas
  2. "my holiday"
  3. the day the new Nokia (/Samsung/iPhone/etc) comes out


If your answers contained more than three As then what the heck are you doing on this web site? Don't you know there's a world of other entertainment available on the Internet?

If your answers contained more than eight Cs then you're in the same boat as me (I counted 14 - gulp) and probably irredeemably in ultra-mobile-geek territory. A tech head and proud of it?

Any other mixed combination and you're probably safe to talk to at a party and probably to safe to visit - well done on achieving a balanced attitude to technology! 

Comments welcome - is there anything really geeky (and mobile-related) that you find yourself doing on a regular basis?

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