Accessing extra characters and accents on the Nokia N900

Published by AAM Staff at 18:05 UTC, February 22nd 2010


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You want a particular character or accent but can't find it on your N900's keyboard. What do you do? Well, there is actually a built-in character and accent menu, but it seems some people have been missing it, so we present below a short-and-sweet video showing how to accesss it.


(You can also view this video on All About Maemo's YouTube Channel.)


You can also change the keyboard country layout from the Settings menu, if you want to have faster access to certain characters. To do this go to the main menu, then "Settings", then "Text Input", then "Hardware Keyboard Layout".

The Text Input menu also lets you use a virtual on-screen keyboard instead of the hardware keyboard, and also has lots of other settings you can tweak such as language dictionaries and auto-capitalisation.

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