How to add internet radio stations to the Nokia N900 media player

Published by AAM Staff at 4:08 UTC, February 15th 2010


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The N900's media player application has an internet radio section which contains lots of radio station bookmarks, but no obvious way of adding more. The video below gives an example of how to add more stations to the list, and how to remove stations too.


(You can also view this video on All About Maemo's YouTube Channel.)


The video uses Shoutcast as an example, but there are other sites that will work with this method too. Unfortunately there are many technical and legal reasons why some sites work and others don't, so perhaps the best thing to do is simply try radio station streaming links to see if they work. Any station which streams successfully can be saved as a bookmark using the method in the video.

Incidentally, if the Shoutcast site asks about player types, choose the option for using your own player.

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