How to update the firmware on the Nokia N900

Published by AAM Staff at 5:26 UTC, February 19th 2010


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There have been several firmware updates since the N900 was released, and more are on the way. The video below is intended for beginners who need a little help with updating their device. You don't need a PC, the update can be done entirely on the phone itself.



(You can also view this video on All About Maemo's YouTube Channel.)


An Alternative PC-based Method

There is also a second way to update the firmware, using the Nokia Software Updater application with your N900 connected to a Windows PC. You can download Nokia Software Updater by clicking here. This method also allows you to reinstall the current firmware if you want to.


Software or Firmware?

The more commonly-used term for a device's operating system is "firmware", but for some reason Nokia officially refers to it as "device software". Don't worry about this, the updates described above are all concerned with firmware, whatever term Nokia might use to describe it.

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