TV Out on the Nokia N900: A beginner's guide

Published by AAM Staff at 23:01 UTC, February 3rd 2010


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If you haven't already tried it, the TV Out feature of the N900 is potentially very useful and quite a neat party trick too. Despite its analogue signal, the output still looks reasonably good on a large screen. All About Maemo has done a short video aimed at beginners illustrating the basics, embedded below.


(You can also view this on All About Maemo's YouTube Channel)


As stated in the video, the N900's TV Out should work on the majority of television sets, even older models, as the cable uses standard composite connectors. And even TV sets without such connectors usually have SCART plugs, which can be turned into composite sockets with a simple adaptor.

The downside of this compatibility is the lower quality of the signal, as composite cables use old analogue technology. Newer digital video cables would produce a sharper picture, but would have a much narrower range of compatible sets.

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