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Nokia N9 hands-on gallery

In this gallery we offer you an exclusive hands-on visual tour of the Nokia N9, Nokia's first MeeGo Harmattan smartphone for consumers. It's one of the most beautiful handsets we've ever seen, with the combination of the single piece polycarbonate shell and gorilla glass creating a contoured shape that fits in the hand and is warm to the touch. We've also included a few shots showing some of the key MeeGo Harmattan functionality and applications.

Posted June 22nd 2011

Nokia N900 Gallery

This is AAM's photo gallery of a pre-production Nokia N900. This gallery should give you a good visual overview of the Nokia N900. For each photo I have added additional commentary to highlight some of the key features of the first Maemo 5 device. Also included are a number of comparison images, with the N900 side by side against the Nokia N97, Samsung i8910, Nokia E55 and two earlier Nokia Maemo devices (N810 and 770).

Posted October 23rd 2009



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