Nokia N9 hands-on gallery

Published by Rafe Blandford at 18:20 UTC, June 22nd 2011

In this gallery we offer you an exclusive hands-on visual tour of the Nokia N9, Nokia's first MeeGo Harmattan smartphone for consumers. It's one of the most beautiful handsets we've ever seen, with the combination of the single piece polycarbonate shell and gorilla glass creating a contoured shape that fits in the hand and is warm to the touch. We've also included a few shots showing some of the key MeeGo Harmattan functionality and applications.

We will be publishing more N9 and MeeGo Harmattan content over the next few weeks, including an in depth preview, based on our hands-on time with the device.

If there's a subject you would like us to cover, or have something to say about the N9 please get in touch by email or Twitter.

Visual preview of the Nokia N9

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