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All About MeeGo Podcast #2: MeeGo 1.1 and N900 PR 1.3

With a building level of interest around all things MeeGo we have decided it is time to revive the AAM podcast. We aim to bring an audio summary and discussion of the latest news and events from around the MeeGo ecosystem. 

In All About MeeGo Podcast 2 we start with a mention of the Peregrine project, a real-time communications client that is using MeeGo as a reference platform. We move on to discuss the release of PR 1.3 for the Nokia N900, with a special focus on the importance of Qt 4.7 for developers. In the second half of the show we summarise the news around the MeeGo 1.1 release. Finally we take a brief look at the discussion around SmeeGol, before looking ahead to the upcoming MeeGo Conference.

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AAM Podcast #1: Maemo Summit report

Rafe reports back from three days at the Maemo Summit.

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