AAM Insight #6: Nokia strategy changes

Published by David Gilson at 11:39 UTC, February 12th 2011

In this special edition of the AAM Insight podcast, we're joined by Steve Litchfield and Ewan Spence from All About Symbian. In this joint podcast we discuss the impact of the momentous news from Nokia's February 11th strategy briefing. If you haven't heard, Nokia are adopting Windows Phone as their primary smartphone platform. This has a direct effect on MeeGo, Symbian and the Qt development framework; listen in for our analysis on what this means for all three. We also answer questions sent to the team via Twitter.

Duration: 00:56:58

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  • Textual information about what was announced is in the main story from 11 Feb 2011 here
  • Please note that this podcast is a joint one with All About Symbian (which regularly features Rafe and David, along with Steve Litchfield and Ewan Spence), since Nokia's decisions affect both platforms and both sites.
  • You can be sure that the issues raised in this podcast will be talked about in future podcasts and editorials, but we wanted to keep this one under an hour!
  • Nokia have confirmed that one MeeGo device will be released this year. Be sure that All About MeeGo will be covering this, along with all the other important news in the MeeGo world. MeeGo isn't just Nokia, so there will be plenty of news going forward for us to bring to you.


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