AAM Insight Podcast #8: Computex, San Francisco conference, MeeGo Experts

Published by David Gilson at 22:53 UTC, June 15th 2011

In the All About MeeGo Insight Podcast #8, we talk about the releases of MeeGo 1.2 and the Qt SDK 1.1. We then move onto the latest device announcements from the Computex show in Taipei and cover the news from the San Francisco MeeGo conference. Later on, we were joined by a special guest! Ash from MeeGo Experts tells us about his experiences at the San Francisco conference.

Duration: 00:45:09

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Podcast recorded on the 15th of June 2011.


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With thanks to Ash from MeeGo Experts, who joined us to speak about the San Francisco MeeGo conference.


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The AAM podcast is an episodic audio show which rounds up news and view from the MeeGo ecosystem.

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