AAM Insight Podcast #9: Nokia N9 - Design, UI, Q and As

Published by David Gilson at 18:38 UTC, June 23rd 2011

In this episode of the All About MeeGo Insight Podcast we talk exclusively about the Nokia N9. We talk about the reactions posted on the Internet, along with our own thoughts and Rafe's first impressions after getting hands-on with the device. We get into detail on the hardware, from the N9's unibodied polycarbonate construction, to its "2.5D" glass screen. We then get into a discussion about the N9's Swipe UI, describing how to use the device. We then get into discussion comparing the design patterns of the competition to the N9's unique UI. Finally, we address questions sent in via Twitter from our listeners.

Duration: 00:55:10

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This podcast recorded on the 23rd of June 2011.

In this podcast we cover:

  • Immediate reactions from the web.
  • Our own first impressions, with Rafe initial thoughts after his hands-on with the device
  • The design story of the N9
  • SWIPE UI, UI round up. Three home views, absence of homescreen.
  • Comparison to iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.
  • Twitter Q&A session


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The AAM podcast is an episodic audio show which rounds up news and view from the MeeGo ecosystem.

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