AAM Insight Podcast #10: Nokia N9 - Apps, Ecosystem, and Comittment

Published by David Gilson at 12:00 UTC, June 25th 2011

In episode 10 of the All About MeeGo Insight podcast, we take a critical look at the N9's future. We tackle the elephant in the room, how much will the N9 suffer for its lack of ecosystem? What is Nokia's position with longterm support for the N9? Will this be Nokia's only MeeGo device? Is the N9 more of a phone device, than an app device? Then we finish with a discussion about whether Nokia should have gone with MeeGo, rather than Windows Phone? Could Nokia have gone it alone?

Duration: 00:30:22

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This podcast recorded on the 23rd of June 2011.

In this podcast we cover:

  • The elephant in the room... apps and ecosystem. Does the N9 have a platform? What about Qt?
  • Phone versus app phone? The case for the Nokia N9 as a stand alone device.
  • Could Nokia have gone with MeeGo instead of Windows Phone? 

You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out what we think, but we'll have editorials on this subject in the future too.



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