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MeeGo kernel policy announcement

[December] The Meego technical steering group have announced a new policy for dealing with the increasing backlog of vendor-contributed kernel patches relevant to MeeGo waiting to be added upstream. Each of these vendors accumulated hundreds of patches which made managing the MeeGo kernel impractical. To remedy this, the new policy requires specific compliance from vendors, and will entail maintaining a "reference kernel", which closely matches the upstream Linux kernel. Read on for more analysis.

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Qt Mobility 1.2 technology preview

Developers looking to experiment with the latest Qt Mobility API should direct their attention to Nokia's Qt Labs, where a technology preview release of Qt Mobility 1.2 was announced during the Christmas break. The primary focus of the 1.2 release is delivering backend support for MeeGo. However, there are also some new features, which will be of interest to both MeeGo and Symbian developers. A beta release of Qt Mobility 1.2 will follow this technology preview at the end of January.

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Updates released for MeeGo Core, Netbook and SDK

Significant updates to MeeGo and the MeeGo SDK have been announced at the MeeGo Wiki. Both MeeGo Core and Netbook have received updates in both the 1.1 and 1.0 branches, receiving their second and sixth updates respectively. The MeeGo 1.1 SDK has been updated to verson 1.1.2 which includes accelerated graphics performance for Linux QEMU VM, and numerous of bug fixes. More details were not available at the time of writing. Read on for more details about the Core and Netbook updates.

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MeeGo Wiki shows how to install handset UI on the WeTab

There is a new guide on the MeeGo Wiki detailing how to install the MeeGo handset image onto the new MeeGo-powered WeTab. The WeTab is one of the few devices seen since late last year running a bespoke MeeGo UI, and is an 11.6" multi-touch tablet device. The WeTab is only available through a handful of retail chains in Europe, so the risk of bricking the WeTab in this process should be seriously considered . Only recommend for developers and the most enthusiastic of testers. Thanks to Quim Gil for the heads up on this one.

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TechRadar gets hands on with Meego

As the momentum builds towards releases of MeeGo devices, TechRadar has taken a look at MeeGo on a an MSI netbook. It's  a very brief review, but encouraging to see other technology blogs start to pay more attention to the new platform. Of course, the netbook UI of MeeGo is still strongly influenced by its Moblin heritage, rather Nokia's Maemo. As TechRadar run through the various zones of MeeGo, they explain why they think this is a much compelling netbook operating system than its competitor, Google Chrome.

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SMS, the cockroach of smartphone services

An interesting few thoughts from Pat Phelan (Head of Innovation at Cubic Telecom) based around SMS. The starting point is the impending tidal wave of text messages of “congratulations and all the best” and the realisation that while he personally can’t stand them, for network operators this time of year is a license to print money. Is SMS usage going down? Yes, but not in a significant number. The simple reason is that there’s nothing easy to replace it.

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Tomi Ahonen's Phone Book, statistics of the handset industry at Christmas 2010

Tomi Ahonen is widely respected for his macroscopic analyses of the mobile world, so it's worth noting this latest publication, exclusively in PDF/ebook form for 10 Euros. A "companion volume" to his Almanac, the new "Phone Book 2010 gives you 171 pages all about the handsets part of the industry, with over 90 charts, diagrams and tables".

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The irony of Microsoft being Android's safeword

It’s nice when a post with such a grandiose title like "The Unbearable Inevitability of Being Android, 1995" actually delivers. It takes a look at the number of “Android will crush everyone in 2011” articles and ponders what that actually means. Not directly for the industry as a whole, but what it means for Google as a business, and the hardware partners who have tied themselves to the Mountain View company?

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MeeGo 1.1 SDK Beta released for Windows

We reported recently that the MeeGo 1.1 SDK had been released for Ubuntu and Fedora Linux distributions. In addition to those releases, the MeeGo project have released a beta version SDK for Windows as well. Documentation is available at the MeeGo Wiki. There are some hardware compatibility issues that need to be taken into account before installing, and there is only a limited number of run-time targets that have been verified for Windows. Also, Windows Vista is not support. Some research before installing is recommended!

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Where now for Nokia? Tomi has an idea

Tomi Ahonen has been an industry commentator on the smartphone for a long time (and we’ve linked to a fair number of his pieces) but his recent article about "Some Symbian Sanity" (and a fair bit about MeeGo) is not only a long and in-depth look at Nokia’s strategy, but goes over many reasons why Nokia are far from out of the smartphone game.

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