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Ari Jaaksi, VP of MeeGo Devices, resigns from Nokia

Ari Jaaksi, the vice president of MeeGo device at Nokia, has resigned according to a report in Finland's Talous Sanomat (via Engadget). Jaaksi has been at Nokia for 12 years and has been one of the driving forces behind the adoption of open source at Nokia, one of the most profound underlying changes in Nokia's software strategy in recent times. The move comes ahead of the widely anticipated release of the latest iteration of Nokia's Linux based device.

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Nokia releases Qt 4.7

Yesterday Nokia announced the official release of Qt 4.7, the latest version of the cross-platform application and UI framework. A key addition is the inclusion of the first stages of Qt Quick (QML and Qt Declarative), a technology that allows for the rapid development of user interfaces and closer co-operation between designers and developers. The Nokia specific (Symbian and MeeGo) version of the Qt SDK, Nokia Qt SDK, will add support for Qt 4.7 shortly.

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Live from Nokia World 2010

Nokia World 2010 starts today and the team is on the ground to bring you live coverage from Nokia's premier event. Over the next two days we'll be bringing you the key news, views and information. This news story contains our live coverage, where you can see the latest images and text updates; you can also interact with the team, asking questions and adding your own thoughts. Alternatively you can keep up to date by following our @aas account on Twitter, where we will be posting text updates and images.

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Anssi Vanjoki resigns from Nokia

Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President in charge of Mobile Solutions (Symbian and MeeGo devices) and a member of the Nokia Group Executive Board, has resigned. He will work out his six month notice period, will continue in his current tasks for the time being and will be attending Nokia World. Coming just days after the appointment of Stephen Elop as the new CEO of Nokia, it seems very likely that Vanjoki was one of the internal candidates passed over for the job, consequently he has decided to move on.

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Stephen Elop replaces Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo as Nokia's CEO

Nokia's Board of Directors has appointed Stephen Elop, currently head of Microsoft's Business division, to replace Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo as CEO of Nokia as of September 21st. As a Canadian, he becomes the first non-Finn to lead the company, reflecting Nokia's increasingly global management and work force. The market is responding positively to the news, with Nokia shares up 5% in early trading.

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Amino Freedom - set-top box powered by MeeGo

In two weeks time, at the IBC conference, Amino Communications will be showcasing its Amino Freedom product, a a set-top box powered by MeeGo. It is a hybrid / OTT (Over-the-Top) device, which delivers additional content, via an Internet connection, supplementing the traditional digital (DVB-T) transmissions. It is has the full Internet (including Silverlight and Flash support) access via a browser, acts as a PVR and is able to access a home network (UPnP / DNLA). 

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TAT's velvet UI demo running on MeeGo tablet

TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), a company specialising in the creation and licensing of mobile user interfaces, believes that "tablets as a radically different type of device" and that this has important implications for user interface design. They have released a video showcasing their Velvet UI, a "playful cloth shader concept UI for MeeGo tablets", which has been developed in conjunction with Wind River. 

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Nokia and Intel open joint lab for 3D mobile UX research

Yesterday Nokia and Intel announced the establishment of a joint research centre, based at the University of Oulu (Finland). The lab, which will have around two dozen researchers, will focus on mobile user experiences, with a particular emphasis on 3D experiences and technology. Likely research areas include 3D virtual worlds, 3D user interfaces and immersive gaming. 

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MeeGo 1.02 for Netbooks update available

On Monday MeeGo made available the second update for the MeeGo 1.0 Core Software Platform and Netbook User Experience project release (the version of MeeGo designed to be run on netbooks). The updated version, 1.02, resolves several email and media player issues, updates syncevolution and connection manager and has more than 70 bug fixes. Read on for further details.

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MeeGo Conference registration now open

Registration for the MeeGo Conference 2010 is now open. Registration for the conference, which takes place between November 15th and 17th, is free and is available via the MeeGo conference website. A discounted hotel rate (from €105 per night) has been organised at the nearby D4 hotels, at which a number of additional networking opportunities will take place. 

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