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International Syst releases Metasys MeeGo

Last month International Syst announced the formal release of Metasys MeeGo, an operating system based on the MeeGo netbook experience software platform. It is designed to support the 'didactic requirements of the educational process' and to be 'used in the new generation of Intel powered convertible classmate PC'.

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Nokia's Savander answers questions today via Twitter

Nokia's social media outreach initiatives continue apace. Today, from 6 pm (UK time), Niklas Savander, who recently became Nokia's head of sales and marketing, will be answering questions  submitted to his Twitter account @NiklasatNokia. The Nokia Conversations Blog has invited everyone to ask any Nokia related questions they may have. Answers will come back via Twitter or via video.

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MeeGo for IVI (cars) 1.0 released

The first version of MeeGo for IVI (in vehicle information) systems has been released. Based on MeeGo 1.0, the Day 1 release of the MeeGo IVI UX includes a homescreen and taskbar for launching and managing applications, a sample navigation application, a version of the Fennec browser and various packages from open source automotive projects.

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MeeGo Conference 2010 website goes live

The MeeGo Conference 2010 website is now live. The website is now accepting session proposals (speaking slots) and registration for the conference is expected to be available shortly. The first MeeGo Conference is scheduled to take place in Dublin (Ireland) at the Aviva Stadium between November 15th and 17th. It aims to bring together a technical audience (developers, OEMs, OSVs, and MeeGo project contributors) to learn about the current status of MeeGo and discuss future directions. 

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The Ramadan application suite is one more small step for Nokia

One we all missed last week, but Nokia have released an updated version of their application suite for Ramadan. Following on from the acclaim of the 2009 release, this year Nokia have gathered everything under a single application. When we talk about Nokia reaching out to customers, this is a wonderful example. See below for details.

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Why mobile advertising is benefiting from innovation

What’s the most used internet application on your Symbian phone? It’s likely that the web browser is going to feature quite highly if we were to have a survey, and the huge number of eyes that mobile websites can gather is only going to grow in the future. That makes it one of the growth areas for online advertisers, and the capabilities of Symbian-powered smartphones should help drive innovation and help grow the market for everyone involved. My thoughts below....

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The mobile phone is dead, long live the mobile phone

The smartphone is making an audible difference to the world (writes Clive Thompson at Wired). He’s spotted that his mobile phone bills are dropping, and there’s one obvious cause. he’s not phoning people as much as he used to, and what calls he is making are not lasting as long. It’s all to do with the rise of social networks and smartphone connectivity, "This generation doesn’t make phone calls, because everyone is in constant, lightweight contact in so many other ways."

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Angry Birds win "Best Game in Ovi Store" poll

What’s the best game in the Ovi Store? Nokia asked last week with ten games to choose from, and the result are available. But in a lovely nod to their ability to spot a top game, the write-in "others" category provided the runaway winner with 36% of the vote. The winning garland has been placed on Angry Birds, available for the N900. Which isn’t that surprising given that (a) it’s a runaway hit on the iPhone and (b) the N900 version sold six times as fast as the iPhone version!

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Touch or keyboard, is there only one way to sort this out?

You may recall last week we pointed out Nokia’a Conversations Blog post crying out the virtues of the keyboard. Keeping the karmic balance, this week sees the touchscreen side of the debate step up to take a swing at the arguments. And then there’s Tomi Ahonen’s take on the debate.

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Vodafone announce Mobile Clicks innovation competition for 2010

Got a smart idea for something on mobile? Vodafone Mobile Clicks 2010 might be just the thing for you. This competition (with a prize fund of 150,000 Euros) is accepting registrations for the competition until August 22nd. They're looking for smart ideas, not just finished products, and are hoping to accelerate innovation in European mobile start-ups. More below....

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