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MeeGo 1.01 for Netbooks update now available

Last Thursday MeeGo announced the first update for the MeeGo 1.0 Core Software Platform and Netbook User Experience project release (the version of MeeGo designed to be run on netbooks). The updated version contains more than a hundred bug fixes, greatly enhances the 'visuals' of MeeGo, improves 3D support, enhances several applications  and updates the kernel to Read on for more information and illustrative screenshots.

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Introducing the 'superphone'?

Rob Glaser has a new word – 'superphone' – to describe the latest batch of mobile phones on the market. Given the fun we’ve had defining the smartphone in the last few years, adding a new level to the nomenclature might seem a cheap marketing move, but it has allowed Glaser, chairman of RealNetworks, to expand his view on where mobile technology is moving. Read on for my thoughts.

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Five sensible tips for mobile developers

Christina Warren has put together an interesting selection of tips for mobile application developers over on Mashable. It’s cross platform, and is worth printing out and pasting in front of whatever ever big printed PDF you use while coding.

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Carrypad's early look at Aava's MeeGo handset

Chippy, from, has been given access to an Aava handset running an early version of MeeGo 1.1 Handset Experience. The Aava phone, which uses Intel's Moorestown processor, is a reference design, which helps further platform development and allows companies to carry out assessment and testing of the MeeGo platform ahead of commercial device releases. It represents an opportunity to see the MeeGo UI running on a device and get an impression for where MeeGo powered handsets are headed.

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Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki says 'the fightback starts now', champions both Symbian and MeeGo

Anssi Vanjoki, marking his first day as Nokia's Head of Mobile Solutions, and in the face of recent widespread criticism of Nokia's high end device performance and strategy, has come out with some hard hitting statements in a feature on Nokia's Conversations blog. He underlines the importance of Symbian for Nokia, suggests that a Symbian^4 powered Nseries device is 'a very strong possibility', says that, for consumers, MeeGo will mean having 'true computing power in your pocket' and that MeeGo gives Nokia the ability 'to take mobile technology beyond the smartphone'. Read on for further details.

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Yay for the fiddler - but have a rock-solid fallback

With my tongue slightly in cheek and with the news that sheds(!) are now firmly back in fashion, I wanted to mention a growing trend in the tech world - that of fiddling, customising and tweaking. Of devices, of their firmware and of their software. It's all huge fun, of course, but if you want to keep your life on track and blood pressure down then I'd suggest having a second, fallback device, also synced to everything you know and love...

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MeeGo Handset UX in screenshots and video

Following on from today's MeeGo Handset UX Day 1 release we have collated some screenshots and a video to show you the look and feel of the user interface. However bear in mind that this is an early release (pre-alpha), is incomplete and is the base from which productised versions (those appearing in commercial devices) will be created. This means any end-user products are likely to look substantially different. Read on to see the video and screenshots.

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Day 1 for MeeGo Handset User Experience

Today is Day 1 for the MeeGo Handset User Experience; this means the software for the handset category of MeeGo devices is being made public through The release includes the Qt based MeeGo Touch UI framework, a number of reference UX elements and the core application suite. Those interested in trying it on a device can do so on the Nokia N900 or Aava Mobile, which are being used as reference development hardware. Read on for further details.

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All About MeeGo - new name, new forum

All About Maemo is changing its name to All About MeeGo to reflect the creation of MeeGo, following the merger of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin. Our aim is to continue to inform, educate and entertain, through the provision of independent, comprehensive and high quality coverage of the MeeGo platform and ecosystem. Reggie Suplido joins All About MeeGo, who will run and administer the forums, which are soft launching today. Read on for more details. 

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The changing shape of Nseries - no scaremongering, just the facts

Nokia's quoted comments regarding the future of its Nseries devices have been causing much comment in the media in last few days. This editorial puts some perspective into the story - Nseries devices only represent around 12% of Nokia's Symbian portfolio and the evolution of the brand towards Maemo/MeeGo had been signposted since Autumn 2009. Moreover it is vital to understand that MeeGo and Symbian are complimentary parts of Nokia's overall software strategy. Read on for further analysis of the evolution of Nseries and a number of salient facts.

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