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MeeGo Conference 2010, November 15th - 17th in Dublin

The first MeeGo Conference is scheduled to take place in Dublin (Ireland) between November 15th - 17th. It aims to bring together a technical audience (developers, OEMs, OSVs, and MeeGo project contributors) to learn about the current status of MeeGo and discuss future directions. The event, which will take place at the Dublin's newly redeveloped Aviva Stadium, follows in the footsteps of the Maemo Summit and similar Moblin events. We'll be in Dublin in November to bring you live coverage of the event.

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Nokia fights back with new developer offerings

Nokia has made a number of developer announcements today, which significantly strengthen their developer services and offerings. Perhaps most interesting is news of a public beta service that allows developers to get their content Symbian Signed at no cost (compared to a previous first time signing cost of up to $215). Also important is the news that individuals can now register as Ovi Publishers (previously restricted to companies) and that the Ovi Store is now accepting Qt-based applications. Finally, and the most significant in the long term, is the first full release of the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 and the accompanying Nokia Smart Installer (previously in beta). Read on for additional details. 

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Applications - The new way to advertise

The modern marketeer has their work cut out for them with smartphones - the traditional methods don't always work, so it's a good thing that Nokia's ecosystem is helping them find a new way to get their message out and reinforced with their customers. The Ovi Store and the App Wizard are two new elements in the quest to try and find a way to make advertising on smartphones effective... through applications. Read on for some thoughts.

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Pre-alpha MeeGo for tablets demo

New on YouTube is a video demo showcasing the upcoming MeeGo for Tablet User Experience (UI). This was first seen at the recent Computex trade show running on a Quanta Redvale tablet and a number of other devices. The video includes an explanation of the multi-column homescreen, a quick look at the Photo and Music applications, a demo of HD video playback and a quick demo of Intel's AppUp app store. In addition to embedding the video in the full story we have also broken this video down in detail to offer you some insight into the MeeGo 1.1 tablet user interface. Read on for further details. 

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Video: NRC demo - Nokia Image Space mobile client

As part of Nokia's 'Open for Ideas' event, I had the opportunity to attend the Tampere Innovation Experience @ Demola day, which included a showcase more than 40 research projects that had been guided by open innovation principles. I teamed up with The Really Mobile Project's Ben Smith to shoot three videos of NRC (Nokia Research Centre) demos. The first video covers the Nokia Image Space research, with a demo of the Image Space mobile client on a Nokia N900.

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Nokia Connection 2010 in Singapore tomorrow

Nokia Connection is an annual event in Singapore where Nokia showcase their current device and service portfolio and address the SEAP (South East Asia and Pacific) market. This year it is being held on Monday June 14th (tomorrow) at Conrad Centennial Singapore. Asri al-Baker is attending the event on behalf of the Malay language SymbianKu blog, but will also be reporting back for AAS and AAM.

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Further details on Linpus Lite for MeeGo

We reported earlier that Linpus is planning a MeeGo based distribution and that it was being demoed at the Computex event. At the end of the event Linpus published a press release, which gives some additional details on the product. Linpus say they have added a number of enhancements including improved hardware and peripheral support (drivers), advanced power management, Linpus Windows Data applications (allowing easier access to Windows data on dual boot systems), online support and a LiveUpdate function to deliver upgraded drivers and new applications over the air.

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Forum Nokia website design refreshed

Forum Nokia, Nokia's developer portal, has unveiled a new look for its website. The structure of the site has changed; it is now divided into three key areas: design, develop and distribute - matching the three key parts of mobile application and service development. The website aims to provide access to a wide range of learning resources, tools and technical documents. However there's also an emphasis on helping developers connect with each other, which is achieved through the community section of the site.

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Qt to embrace open governance

A post on the Qt blog explains that Nokia is planning to move Qt towards a more open governance model. The move would see the community having shared control over decisions about Qt and its future roadmap. It follows on from the move to the LGPL license and opening up of the Qt contribution process last year. The planning for the move is at an early stage, but the Qt team are keen to have an open discussion with the community about the details and implementation of an open governance model.

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N900 launches in India, also available in UK's Tesco

The Nokia N900 has been formally launched in India; it will be available in select retail outlets, from June 9th, at a cost of Rs. 30,639. As part of the launch festivities Nokia held a mini-event where they show cased the N900's abilities and its open source credentials. In somewhat related distribution news the N900 became available in Tesco Phone Shops (UK) over the weekend (on a Vodafone contract at £30 per month). 

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