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Pedal power - Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

Nokia today announced a new charging accessories for its mobile phones - one that uses by pedal power. The Nokia Bicycle Charger kit, which is targeted at emerging markets, generates electricity via a dynamo connected to a bike wheel, which is fed into a charger that can connected to a phone via the standard 2mm charging port. The kit also includes a holder to secure the phone to the bike; it will be available in selected retailers before the end of the year.  

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Video: Tour of Nokia's Experience Lounge

During a recent visit to Nokia's Espoo (Helsinki) offices, I had the opportunity to look round Nokia's Experience Lounge, which showcases all of Nokia's latest products and services - from Ovi Maps and Nokia Messaging to the latest Nokia handsets. As an additional bonus, tucked away in one corner of the room, is a set of shelves that contain one of almost every Nokia phone model ever produced. So how to share this with loyal readers? Film a walkabout of course! 

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Telefonica to support MeeGo software platform

Telefónica has endorsed MeeGo by saying that it is working with Intel and Nokia to explore the ways in which it can use MeeGo to deliver innovative connected services to its customers. The company will be looking at the way content and services can be accessed from smartphones, netbooks, tablets and Internet connected TVs. Telefónica is the world's third biggest operator behind China Mobile and Vodafone. It controls networks in multiple countries primarily in Europe and Latin America under the O2 and Movistar brands.

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MeeGo carries forward Moblin momentum with ten distros

We've already heard about a number of MeeGo 1.0 based distributions that are in the works, including offerings from Novell (SUSE), Linpus and DeviceVM (Splashtop). A fact sheet issued at Intel's Atom Software Summit reveals that there are more on the way from International Syst, Mandriva, Pixart, Red Flag (2), Turbolinux China and VietSoftware. This means that there are ten MeeGo 1.0 based distributions / products that we know about to date. 

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MeeGo news from Computex - software, tablets and more

The MeeGo related news from Computex continues to flow. Acer has said that it has MeeGo products on the way and Movial has launched its end-to-end MeeGo services. Meanwhile the eagle-eyed Chippy from Carrypad has spotted MeeGo based tablets from Wistron (W1) and CZC (P10T) on the show floor along with news of a MeeGo based distribution from Linpus. Read on for additional details on each of these items. 

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DeviceVM plans Splashtop MeeGo Remix

DeviceVM today announced its plans to deliver Splashtop MeeGo Remix, which it describes as "an enhanced version of the award-winning Splashtop instant-on software platform". The new product, which is built on top of MeeGo 1.0, will give Splashtop greater functionality and enable support for developers to add third party applications. It means that in the future many of the laptops and PCs with an instant on feature could have that functionality enabled by MeeGo.

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SUSE MeeGo - Novell backed distribution

Today Novell announced it would support for MeeGo, by releasing SUSE MeeGo as a fully supported operating system for netbook computers. It builds on top of MeeGo project releases by adding additional pre-installed applications (e.g. Open Office) and proprietary multimedia codecs (WMA, MP3 etc.), thus making a more consumer ready version of the operating system. Novell say that they expect it to be pre-installed on a variety of netbook devices, from multiple OEMs, in the next 12 months.

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Intel's Quanta Redvale tablet shows MeeGo tablet experience

During their Computex keynote today Intel briefly showcased a MeeGo based tablet. The Quanta Redvale tablet  is powered by an Intel 1.5 Ghz Moorestown processor with a 10 inch touchscreen. This also marked the first public outing for the MeeGo tablet experience, the UI that will be used in MeeGo tablet devices. An SDK for application development is expected to be available later in the summer. Read on for further details.

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Asus hints at future MeeGo products

Asus, one of the leading netbook manufacturers, held a press conference at Computex in Taiwan earlier today. In amongst announcements about tablets and an Eee Pad ASUS talked about the launch of its own app store based on Intel's AppUp technology. While it will be available first for the company's Windows products, the intention is for it to also be used on MeeGo products once they are available. This suggests Asus intends to launch or have MeeGo variants of its products available in the future.

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N900 shipment numbers - 100,000 in first 5 weeks

Earlier this week an estimate, from Gartner, that less than 100,000 Nokia N900s have been shipped since the devices launch was widely reported. Anecdotal evidence, such as download numbers, Flickr activity and operator-led retail distribution in various countries would suggest this estimate is low. Nokia has not released any total sales numbers for the N900, but it did indicate that the 100,000 figure was reached 5 weeks after launch.

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