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Built-in one-touch contact access on the Nokia N900 desktop

A very short but useful hint which not everyone knows: you can access your contacts directly from the N900 desktop by just typing them on the keyboard. You don't even need to have the Contacts app open, it will open automatically at the correct section when you start typing. See the video embedded below for a demonstration.

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More extensive Nokia N900 firmware update goes live (PR1.1 / 2.2009.51-1)

The N900's minor firmware update earlier this week (PR1.0.1) was to prepare for a larger update, and that larger update (PR1.1) is now being rolled out country-by-country. You can find the full technical details on the wiki. There have been quite a number of bug fixes and feature improvements, including support for Microsoft Exchange 2003. The new firmware version should become available worldwide over the next couple of days, so if you can't see it yet try again tomorrow.

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A beginner's guide to customising the desktop on the Nokia N900

Yes, it's another AAM tutorial video for those who are new to the Nokia N900. This video shows how to customise the N900's four-screen desktop, and also includes an example layout at the end. The video can be viewed below.

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User testing observations from QuirksBlog

Peter-Paul Koch, writing on the QuirksBlog, shares the results of a usability test comparing 10 different phones. What's most interesting is that the user in question might be considered the 'average' user rather than a tech-influencer (as is typical in online media). Consequently many of the observations offer insight into what matters in the real world compared to rarefied atmosphere of the 'media bubble'. Read on for more.

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Ovi Store (mobile site) working on N900

Ahead of an official availability announcement it seems that the mobile site version of the Ovi Store ( is operational on N900's running the recently released firmware update (1.2009.44.1). A number of application and games are currently available for download. Content is installed via the Application manager, which is automatically launched when you tap a 'Download' button on the store. Read on for further details and screenshots.

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N900 minor firmware update (1.2009.44.1) available

A minor firmware update for the Nokia N900 is now available. The update contains only minor changes. However it does include enablers that makes the device ready for its first major firmware update (PR 1.1). PR 1.1 is expected to fix a number of bugs and add a number of features including improved portrait mode support in select applications.

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Should third party apps be relied on to fix a smartphone?

I want to take a little break away from the major Nokia X6 review I'm doing just now to directly address one of the issues that I'm seeing in the comments both of the X6 review and in other products that are reviewed both here on AAS and on other tech sites: the use of third party software to compensate for a manufacturer's omissions.

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All About Maemo's Facebook page opens

If you're one of the many people who spend their days on Facebook, you might be interested to know that we here at All About Maemo have finally opened our own Facebook page. Become a fan and you'll see all the latest AAM news as part of your FB live feed.

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BBC reporter breaks unbreakable phone at CES

What happens when you get challenged to break an unbreakable phone on the floor of CES in Las Vegas? Well Dan Simmons from the BBC's Click team managed to do what every one of us has secretly tried to do, and break the phone. The out-take is now online at BBC News.

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Nokia N900 multitasking for beginners

Another tutorial video aimed at people new to the N900, this time showing how to launch several applications at once and switch between them. See below for the embedded video.

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