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N900 meetups in Moscow, London, Tacoma

Following on from N900 meetups in New York, Chicago, Helsinki and Dubai two additional dates have now been announced: London on November 17th and Moscow on the 24th November. Both meetups will take place at the Nokia flagship stores in the respective cities. At the meetups you'll get a chance to hear more about the N900, get some hands on time with demo units and potentially win prizes.

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PUSH N900 - modding project winners

In September we mentioned PUSH N900, a promotional competition / project, that asked people to submit entries for modding an N900. The winners, who will receive funding to fully realise their ideas, have now been announced. The ideas range from an aerial photography project, though a skateboarding N900 to a light graffiti tool. We look forward to seeing these project once they have been completed.

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N900 expected to start shipping in November

When the N900 was announced, just prior to Nokia World, Nokia specified a Q4 shipping date. Early pre-orders suggested the first retail units would be available in late October, but this is no longer the case. However we now have, direct from Nokia, some extra information: Peter Schneider (Head of Maemo Marketing) has posted in the forum that the N900 is 'expected to start shipping in November'.

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Maemo Summit - coverage from across the web

As part of my post Maemo Summit follow up I've been keeping an eye on what people have been saying about the event in blogs and other online media. In this news story you will find twenty or so links featuring a wide range of content an opinions from across the web. For those who were unable to attend the summit it should give you a good flavour of what the event was like.

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N900 previews and reviews from across the web

Rafe presents a list of reviews and previews from around the web. I should point out that I'm not endorsing any particular third party review. Personally, I feel they range from the fair and insightful to the less reasonable, but it is always helpful to read a range of opinions, so as to be as informed as possible.

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All About Maemo Podcast #1 - Maemo Summit

We will be publishing the occasional podcast, here, on All About Maemo, talking about the Maemo platform and Maemo devices such as the Nokia N900. In our very first podcast Rafe discusses the Maemo Summit with Steve. Topics include the Qt port to Maemo 5, Maemo 5 UI, Maemo 6 concepts, open source as business model, platform security and much more. You can listen to the podcast by the using the embed in the full story, downloading the MP3 file, or subscribing to the RSS feed in a podcactcher. Read on for more details.

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There's more than one perfect smartphone form factor

From the Nokia N900 to the HTC HD2, I'm seeing a groundswell of opinion turning against smaller, slightly simpler smartphones - but I contend that what you're seeing and reading isn't even close to being representative of the mass market and that, as usual (and I know because I'm one of them) the geeks are skewing all the analysis towards faster, bigger, flashier...

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Mobile Office based KOffice for N900 (Maemo 5)

A key application on any mobile platform, especially for enterprise users, is an office documents viewer and editor. At the Maemo Summit , running on the Nokia N900. The application support both ODF and Microsoft Office (2003 / 2007) formats. The UI will be open sourced and made available via the extras-devel repository.

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Maemo 6: slides from the Maemo Summit

Maemo 6, codenamed Harmattan, is the next version of the Maemo platform. With Maemo 6 Nokia aims to deliver 'iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package'. At last week's Maemo Summit Nokia shared some key information on Harmattan. In the full new story below we've embeded some of the key Maemo 6 presentations, along with a summary of what is essential for you to know.

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Maemo Summit Day 3 - live

I'm continuing the live coverage of the Maemo Summit in collaboration with Reggie, from Maemo Talk, and Mark, from The Nokia Blog. We're using Cover It Live, which is embedded below, and lets you read the latest updates, view pictures, vote in polls and add your own comments and questions. This news story contains the coverage from day three. More in the full story.

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