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OM Weather developer interview has published an interesting interview with the developer of OM Weather. OM Weather is a weather forecast application and is one of the most popular Maemo applications (150,000+ downloads and counting). The application supports widget / applet mode, which means it can be shown on the desktop. It is also one of the applications featured in Maemo Select.

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Wiimote controlled SNES (DrNokSnes) on N900

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Nokia N900 User Guide now available

The user guide for the N900, in English and Spanish, is now available on the Nokia USA website. The guide offers a basic introduction to the operation of the hardware and software, and runs through the key functionality of the device. It's a good way of getting a handle of the capabilities of the device. The N900 should go on sale in the second half of October, although this will vary by geographic market.

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Hermes - software adds contact photos from Twitter, Facebook

Ricky at Maemo-Guru brings news of Hermes, a piece of software which, by pulling information from Twitter and Facebook, allows you to automatically add photos to your contacts. The software works by matching the names between the N900's contact list and your friends list on Facebook and Twitter. The software has been developed by Andrew Flegg, known as jaffa to the community.

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Maemo Community Council election results

The results of the third Maemo Community Council elections are now available. The following were elected the Maemo Community Council: Randall Arnold (Texrat), Matthew Lewis(penguinbait), Alan Bruce (qole), Valerio Valerio (VDVsx), and Graham Cobb (gcob). Congratulations to the new council members!

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Onedotzero behind the scenes video

The Onedotzero festival, which was held, on London's South Bank featured an N900 powered installation. The installation was a huge projection (on to side of the BFI), which was controlled by an N900 (accelerometer based motion and text entry). Or as the video says 'using a three inch display, to try and control a 70-foot display'. Two videos (via Nokia Conversations), which give a more detailed explanation and take you behind the scenes are embedded in the full story.

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PUSH N900 - modding project competition for N900

Nokia has launched PUSH N900, a promotional competition / project, which gives the winners the chance to mod an N900. Currently the competition is calling for designers, hackers and modders to submit proposals for N900 based project. To get things started a few mods have already been created, including a modified Speak and Spell, N900 linked Rolodex, and FM radio / / N900 mash up.

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Casing the N900 with CP-321

Devin, writing at the Nokia Guide, points to two official Nokia accessories for the Nokia N900. The Nokia Carrying Case (CP-321) is a slip case for the Nokia N900 and will be available in bacl or white. The outside is made of leather, but there's a soft inner lining which helps 'keep the display clean'. No doubt, there'll be any number of casing options before too long, both official accessories and from third parties. Another sign the the N900 is on the way...

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Maemo at OSiM - people centric and commonalities

Ari Jaaksi (Vice President, Maemo Device at Nokia) recently gave a presentation at the Open Source in Mobile (OSiM) conference entitled 'Taking open source forward' with the tag line 'Can't open source become more user friendly?' (via Maemo Talk). The presentation explained that big part of the Maemo 5 story is how its is 'inspired by people', but also outlined some of the thinking behind Nokia's open source strategy. Read on for more.

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Nokia named as "world's most sustainable technology company"

Nokia has been named as the world's most sustainable technology company according to the 2009/10 edition of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Already rated for several years as the leader within the Europe and Communications categories, this year Nokia was also chosen as "World Technology Supersector Leader", making it number one across the entire global technology sector. See below for extracts from the press release.

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