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Red Flag Software announces MeeGo based Tablet OS

Red Flag Software, one of China's largest Linux vendors, today announced that it plans to deliver a tablet operating system based on the MeeGo 1.2 release. In common with other MeeGo based solutions, it will use the common code base and UI building blocks of MeeGo, but will feature a user experience built by Red Flag Software. The operating system will receive its public unveiling at Computex next week.

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Linpus updates its MeeGo products to 1.2

Linous has announced that it will upgrade both its MeeGo based netbook and tablet operating systems to the MeeGo 1.2 release. The Linpus MeeGo netbook and tablet editions have a user experience built by Linpus running on top of the common MeeGo code and UI building blocks. They are licensened by OEMs (Fujitsu, Lenovo and Acer) who build and ship the device products.

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MeeGo Conference Spring 2011 starts today

The MeeGo Conference Spring 2011 gets underway today; it's being held in downtown San Francisco at the Hyatt Hotel from May 23rd to May 25th. The conference includes speaker sessions, expo areas, networking spaces and a hackers lounge. The conference is expected to help outline the future direction and shape of the MeeGo project. In addition, it offers device manufacturers and MeeGo project contributors a stage to talk about and show case their offerings.

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MeeGo 1.2 release now available

The MeeGo project today announced the availability of the MeeGo 1.2 release. This release is intended to provide a solid base line from which device vendors and developers can start creating software for a range of device categories. In this sense it can be seen as the first mature release of the core platform. Also available today is version 1.2 of the MeeGo SDK and the first MeeGo tablet developer preview release (Tablet UX).

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Qt SDK 1.1 released - Qt on mobile comes of age

Nokia today announced the release of the Qt SDK 1.1. The final release version of the SDK is based on Qt 4.7.3 and Qt Mobility 1.1.3. It's an important milestone which effectively marks the first fully mature version of Nokia's complete Qt offering on mobile platforms. Applications which use Qt 4.7, including those written purely in QML, can now be uploaded to the Ovi Store; the first few of these are already available to consumers.

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Nokia to cut 4,000 jobs as impact of new strategy bites

Nokia today announced that it plans to cut its workforce by 4,000 employees by the end of 2012, as part of the restructuring resulting from its recent strategy changes. The majority of the cuts will take place in Finland, Denmark and the UK. They are part of the previously announced measures to cut Nokia's operational expenditure by €1 billion. In addition, a further 3,000 employees will move to Accenture as part of the transfer of Nokia's Symbian software activities, which was also announced today.

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Nokia Q1 2011 results - beats expectations, tough quarters ahead

Nokia has released its Q1 2011 results, reporting an operating profit of €439 million (down 10% Year-on-Year), with net sales of €10.399 billion (up 9% YoY). Nokia's device and service division's profits were €439 million, down 10% from last year. Margins in devices and services were 9.8% (down 2.3% YoY and down 1.5% QoQ).

Total converged devices sales (mainly Symbian-powered smartphones) were 24.2 million, compared with 21.5 million units in Q1 2010 (up 13% YoY) and compared with 28.3 million units in Q4 2010 (down 14%, QoQ). Worldwide smartphone market share was 26%, down 5% sequentially and 15% year on year. Read on for more analysis and more details.

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Qt SDK 1.1 Release Candidate

The Qt labs team has just announced the release candidate (RC) for its Qt Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.1. This follows from its recent beta release. The final release, following this RC, will allow developers to take advantage of all the latest Qt features and submit Qt 4.7 based applications to the Ovi Store. However, it should be noted that Qt 4.7 will not support S60 3rd Edition, which sadly, but predictably, points to a deprecation of that version of Symbian. Read on for more details.

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Nokia's repository of YouTube support videos

A definite link of interest of for all Nokia users is the Nokia Support Videos channel on YouTube. We’ve posted before about support videos having been posted for individual phones. Now though, Nokia have compiled all of these into a well presented, cover flow-like, custom YouTube page. Digging further into the standard YouTube video listings reveals support videos for other Nokia devices such as the E72 and N900.

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NAVTEQ announce enhanced indoor navigation maps

NAVTEQ, the Nokia-owned company behind Ovi Maps, have announced a new product called “Destination Maps”, which aims to provide the data that would enable guidance services inside public buildings. Initially, the data will cover more than 200 shopping malls in the U.S. One of the possible indoor location technologies that could use this data was previewed at Nokia World 2010, where I interviewed one of the development team about this technology. Read on for more information on its background and implementation.

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