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Opera Mobile 11 and Mini 6 officially released

Opera has announced the new versions of its mobile browsers, Opera Mobile 11 and Opera Mini 6. These bring an updated user interface, improved text wrapping, and most significantly, multi-touch zoom. Overall performance is improved too, with native handling of heavy sites appearing to load faster in Opera Mobile 11 than with Opera Mobile 10. Read on for more about the update.

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Nominations for MeeGo Working Groups include LG and China Mobile

As part of last week's MeeGo Technical Steering Group meeting several nominations to new Working Groups (WG) were approved. Notably these included nominations for LG and China Mobile to the Handset WG. Working Groups are governance structures within MeeGo, which are currently being formed, that will be dedicated to discussion around a specific vertical. Membership of a Working Group is meritocratic, with an emphasis on overall contributions to the MeeGo project and a commitment to create a MeeGo product in the specified vertical.

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Linpus demos MeeGo based tablet solution at CeBIT

Linpus, a provider of open source operating system solutions, demoed its MeeGo based tablet solution at CeBIT last week. Linpus have created a ready-to-go tablet solution, based around MeeGo, with a custom user interface and application suite. The solution is aimed at OEMs and ODMs who are looking to get a tablet product into the market as easily and as quickly as possible.

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MeeGo architecture changes - security, sync, PIM storage

On Monday, Arjan van de Ven, MeeGo Chief Architect, posted to the MeeGo-dev mailing list about some architecture changes to the platform. They reflect the changing circumstances around resourcing, mainly as a result of Nokia's recent strategy changes. There are some changes to the security direction of MeeGo, the Buteo Sync framework will be replaced by Sync Evolution and the backend of PIM storage (contacts, calendar, mail) will switch from Tracker to Evolution Data Server.

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MeeGo 2011 Spring Conference registration opens

Registration for the MeeGo 2011 Spring Conference, which is being held in San Francisco on May 23rd, 24th and 25th, opened last week. The conference is expected to have a greater industry focus than previous events and will likely showcase some of the first commercial MeeGo products. The conference organisers have also recently issued a call for sessions proposals for those wishing to speak at the event.

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Sebastian Nyström - Nokia's new Head of MeeGo, Qt and WebKit

Sebastian Nyström has been appointed as Nokia's head of MeeGo, Qt and WebKit, according to a blog post on the MeeGo website by Peter Schneider, Head of MeeGo Marketing at Nokia. In the last few years Nyström has been responsible for leading Nokia's Qt efforts and has been an eloquent spokesman for the open source framework. His new job gives him responsibility for MeeGo and WebKit activities at Nokia, in addition to his existing responsibilities for Qt. 

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Opera announce new in-browser mobile store

The alternative browser company, Opera, has announced that the Opera Store is now available for users of the various browsers from the Norwegians. Powered by Appia, the store can be found at and will be on the initial speed dial for new users to Opera. In tandem with the launch, their Publisher Portal is also open for business.

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Digia to acquire commercial licensing and professional services arm of Qt

Digia, a Finnish software company, has signed an agreement with Nokia to acquire the commercial licensing and professional services arm of Nokia's Qt. The major portion of Qt, including all core development and LGPL licensing remains with Nokia. Nokia plans to continue to invest in the future development of Qt, which remains core to its Symbian (150 million additional devices) and MeeGo (future disruptions) activities. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of the month; neither company are disclosing cost details.

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Qt SDK beta 1.1 released, Qt Quick official release

The Qt SDK beta 1.1 was launched today. While the SDK is a beta release, the Qt (4.7.2) and Qt Creator (2.1) releases within it are final (i.e. not beta or previews). This means that Qt Quick can now be considered to have been officially released. Qt Quick  is a crucial step forward for Qt, bringing easy UI creation, which allows developers and designers to work together more easily to create applications with great user experience.

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Apps are (almost) dead - long live the mobile web?

There's an interesting editorial over at The Telegraph, quoted below, in which the author questions, as I have done several times, the prevailing wisdom over whether the current craze for 'apps' (for accessing information and services) is a good thing. The editorial starts and ends in the pub, which is a good start to some decent left-field thinking. Why use 'apps' when we have the Web itself? Surely what we need is a better and more intelligent Web?

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