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Alien Dalvik sightings at MWC 2011

Following our recent story about Aien Dalvik, there have been sightings of the Android run-time environment running on a Nokia N900 at MWC 2011. Thanks to mobile bloggers Julien Fourgeaud and Steve 'Chippy' Paine, there are now independently produced videos of product demonstrations and interviews with Myriad's John Ronco. The videos show off how Android applications icons appear alongside native applications in the Maemo 5 app-grid. They also show off the Android Photoshop app running on the N900 and a HTC Desire, with apparently equal performance.

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Stephen Elop takes some questions from Chris Ziegler on Nokia, Windows Phone, shipping dates and trojan horses

Over on Engadget, Chris Ziegler has grabbed a video Q and A session at Mobile World Congress with Stephen Elop. It’s wide ranging in the ground covered, although given the short time-scale it’s mostly sound-bites and short paragraph style answers. And some questions were outright dodged. Nevertheless, it casts some more sunlight on the decisions of Elop and how the next few months are going to pan out for Symbian, Meego and Nokia.

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Live from MWC 2011

Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile industry event, takes this week. We'll be using this story to provide live coverage from the event. This will encompass a number of activities including Nokia's media briefing on Sunday (5.30 GMT), Nokia's Developer Day (Monday) and a number of keynote speeches from Intel.

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What is the future for Qt?

One of the implications of Friday's announcements was that in Nokia drastically reducing further development of the Symbian OS and ecosystem, the future of Qt, its next-gen development platform, was also put into doubt. After all, it's argued, Windows Phone has its own tool-chain and Qt simply isn't needed. Daniel Kihlberg, one of the top guys at Nokia's Qt division, has responded to the uncertainty with a rallying article, of which some quotes are copied below.

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Nokia's new strategy and structure, Symbian to be a "franchise platform", MeeGo still in long term plans

At its Strategy and Financial Briefing event today in London, Nokia has outlined its "new strategic direction, including changes in leadership and operational structure to accelerate the company's speed of execution in a dynamic competitive environment". Some more quotes below, but in short this means a reorganisation into "Smart Devices" and "Mobile Phones", and adding a new OS platform to its portfolio, with Windows Phone becoming Nokia's "primary smartphone platform" and Symbian becoming "a franchise platform, leveraging previous investments to harvest additional value". More below, and more through the day, of course. Rafe's on the ground, see the other Coveritlive news item.

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Live: Nokia Strategy and Financial Briefing

At a Strategy and Financial Briefing, which takes place at 10 am GMT on February 11th Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, is expected to outline his vision for the future strategy of the company. Rafe will be reporting live from Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel, London, where the event is taking place. You can follow our live coverage using this story or via our Twitter accounts (@aas and @allaboutmeego).

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Expectations build ahead of Nokia strategy announcements

Widely reported in the media today is the leak of an internal Nokia 'memo', penned by Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop. It lays out the problems facing Nokia, most notably around its software strategy, and argues that Nokia is "standing on a burning platform" with a choice to be made about the future. And what is that choice? That's what we'll be finding out on Friday, when Nokia holds its Analyst and Financial event (Capital Markets Day).

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Alien Dalvik hopes to bring Android apps to Maemo and Meego

Software company Myriad, has announced a Qt port of the Android VM, Dalvik. The demo video (below) accompanying the release shows Alien Dalvik running Android applications on an N900, which received the Qt framework in the PR 1.3 release of Maemo 5. Myriad says that it will make Alien Dalvik commercially available for MeeGo. Myriad claims that the user experience should be seamless with Android application icons appearing along side native applications. Read on for more anaysis.

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NuevaSync adds read-only support

Users of the third party Mail for Exchange service, NuevaSync, may be interested to know that they have added a new feature allowing for read-only synchronisation to mobile phones. Currently, the feature is only available via the NuevaSync Labs page, as it is still in development. This feature will be useful to anyone using NuevaSync and finding that their device is duplicating or modifying data in other undesirable ways. Users have fine control over read-only access, being able to set it on a per-data-type basis, for each device they are synchronising with NuevaSync.

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Nokia Bike Charger accessory now available in select markets

The Nokia Bicycle Charger accessory is now available in select markets. It can be bought from Nokia's online shops and other select retailers; the Nokia UK online shop is selling it for £25. The accessory uses pedal power to recharge the battery in your phone. It works by attaching a dynamo to the wheel that generates power as you move. Those using the accessory will need to maintain a speed of at least 4 mph and no more than 31 mph to provide sufficient energy for effective charging. 

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