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Nokia releases API map for porting apps to Qt

Nokia has published a great resource for mobile developers who are interested in transferring their skills to Symbian apps via the Qt framework. The Nokia Developer website has published three guides for finding the Qt equivalent of API calls for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. It has come late in Symbian’s life, but it is just what the developer world needed to reduce the friction in developing for this not-so-dead platform.

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MeeGo merges with LiMo to form Tizen

Multiple sources have announced today that the Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation have agreed to merge their respective mobile operating systems, MeeGo and LiMo. The resulting operating system, Tizen, will support HTML5 as its primary development environment. Like MeeGo, it will be designed to support a range of device classes like smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, netbooks, and in-vehicle-infotainment systems. The Tizen project will be governed in much the same way as the MeeGo project. This includes a technical steering group of which Intel and Samsung are members. Read on for more details.

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Qt open governance steps forward with Qt Project

Nokia has announced that the Qt Project, the outcome of open governance work that started in June 2010, will go live on October 17th 2011. Qt governance, roadmapping and releases will proceed the auspices of the Qt project, open to all stakeholders who are willing to contribute, with decisions taken by a community of Contributors, Approvers and Maintainers. In practical terms the hosting of Qt will move to a new domain:

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Qt showcase for N9

The Nokia Developers blog has announced a range of demonstration applications showcasing what can be achieved with Qt on the N9. There are fourteen applications to download, along with their source code for developers to learn how each was built. Many of the applications demonstrate how to utilise hardware interfaces. For example, the guitar tuner shows how to address the audio API, the compass application interfaces with the N9's magnetometer, and several games show how to interface with the accelerometer, all in Qt, Qt Quick and Qt Mobility. Read on for more.

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Nokia updates Qt SDK and introduces Qt Creator 2.3

Qt developers have a lot of new tools to explore and play with over the weekend, as Nokia has announced a major update to the Qt SDK. The headline change is the introduction of Qt Creator v2.3 (full details on Creator 2.3 can be found here), other changes include Qt 4.7.4, a new UI and features in Qt Simulator, updates to the notifications API, and the various components for running Qt apps on Symbian, MeeGo and the desktop. Existing Qt developers can update from within the SDK application folder, otherwise the links are in the Qt Labs.

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Intel AppUp Application Lab: MeeGo series events

In July and August Intel will be holding a series of Intel AppUp Application Lab events, aimed at developers, in a number of cities around the world (Munich, London, Pune, Delhi, New York, Berlin, and Cologne). Topics covered include the benefits of the Intel AppUp developer program and an introduction to developing for MeeGo. The events are free to attend, but you will need to register to guarantee a place as the number of available seats is limited.

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Qt Creator 2.2.1 released with MeeGo Harmattan support

The Qt Labs Developer Blog has just announced an update to the Qt SDK. In a case of good timing, the Qt team have released Qt Creator 2.2.1, which is mainly a bug fix release, at the same time as integrating support for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. Support for MeeGo Harmattan comes on the day that the N9 was announced at the Nokia Connection event in Singapore. Read on for more details.

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Nokia N950 - Slide-out QWERTY MeeGo Harmattan developer device

Alongside the high profile release of the Nokia N9, limited details have emerged about another MeeGo Harmattan device. The N950, which was not talked about at the Nokia Connection event, has been created for developers who will target the N9 and general MeeGo handset UI applications. The Nokia Developer website published a list detailing the hardware differences between both devices. Read on to find out about the N950's software stack and how to obtain one.

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Offscreen Technologies releases its Origo IDE for free

Offscreen Technologies has announced the release of its in-house integrated development environment (IDE), free of cost to anyone who wishes to use it. Named Origo, it can be downloaded from, along with various guides and further information on its use. Origo allows users to write once and automatically package their application for Symbian^3, S60 5th Edition, S60 3rd Edition, Maemo 5 and Windows Phone 7. Offscreen Technologies Ltd. states that it has published over 150 applications, and has had over 70 million downloads via the Ovi Store.

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MeeGo 1.2 release now available

The MeeGo project today announced the availability of the MeeGo 1.2 release. This release is intended to provide a solid base line from which device vendors and developers can start creating software for a range of device categories. In this sense it can be seen as the first mature release of the core platform. Also available today is version 1.2 of the MeeGo SDK and the first MeeGo tablet developer preview release (Tablet UX).

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