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All About Maemo Podcast #1 - Maemo Summit

We will be publishing the occasional podcast, here, on All About Maemo, talking about the Maemo platform and Maemo devices such as the Nokia N900. In our very first podcast Rafe discusses the Maemo Summit with Steve. Topics include the Qt port to Maemo 5, Maemo 5 UI, Maemo 6 concepts, open source as business model, platform security and much more. You can listen to the podcast by the using the embed in the full story, downloading the MP3 file, or subscribing to the RSS feed in a podcactcher. Read on for more details.

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Maemo 6: slides from the Maemo Summit

Maemo 6, codenamed Harmattan, is the next version of the Maemo platform. With Maemo 6 Nokia aims to deliver 'iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package'. At last week's Maemo Summit Nokia shared some key information on Harmattan. In the full new story below we've embeded some of the key Maemo 6 presentations, along with a summary of what is essential for you to know.

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The Features That Time Forgot...

In the early development phase of AAM, we did a number of articles to test the site which have now fallen off the news page but which can still be accessed through our features section. They cover a wide range of topics including an interview with Nokia's Ari Jaaksi, a brief editorial about the evolution of Maemo, speculation about what kind of form factors Maemo devices could take, and a review of the Nokia N810.

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Maemo 5 final SDK released

Forum Nokia has released the Maemo 5 final SDK. The SDK enables developers to create applications for Nokia devices based on Maemo 5, such as the Nokia N900. New in the final SDK release are the complete UI framework (including multiple desktops and task switching), Nokia applications with related API, new Sharing plugin API, Scatchbox package updates, and open source for hildon-status-menu and librtcom-telepathy-glib.

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OM Weather developer interview has published an interesting interview with the developer of OM Weather. OM Weather is a weather forecast application and is one of the most popular Maemo applications (150,000+ downloads and counting). The application supports widget / applet mode, which means it can be shown on the desktop. It is also one of the applications featured in Maemo Select.

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Maemo 5 design documentation on Forum Nokia

Forum Nokia has published a number of UI design documents for Maemo 5. The published documents include Freemantle Layout Guide (introduces the exact layout and graphics of Fremantle), Hildon 2.2 Style Guide (explains the user interface principles) and Hildon 2.2 Widget Specification (specifies the Hildon 2.2 widgets). Early this month Forum Nokia also published a on redesigning Maemo 4 applications for Maemo 5.

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