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Alvin's month with the Nokia N9

What a great, detailed and 100% honest write up of the Nokia N9 as it stands today (PR 1.3, etc.) in today's 2013 world - Alvin Wong here writes up how he's got on with trying to use it as his main smartphone for a month. There are plenty of disappointments and successes, detailed with hyperlinks to software workarounds, and I can't recommend this article enough. Most tellingly of all, coming to the same conclusion as me, Alvin confesses that part of him has fallen in love with the device, despite its many flaws....

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The Proporta charger hits 7000mAh

Anecdotally, the Proporta chargers have been hugely popular amongst my Phones Show viewership and 'All About' readers generally - and there's a new monster version now available, clocking in at a stunning 7000mAh. The Turbocharger 7000 has two USB output ports as usual, along with a facelifted exterior, weighs only 175g, and comes with charging heads for all major phone and gadget ports and a carrying case. Watch this space for a full review.

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Version 1.1 firmware update for the Nokia N9

If you haven't already received the v1.1 firmware update for your Nokia N9, you soon will be according to Nokia Conversations. The update brings in a range of new features to enhance the user experience of the device. Notably, the lock-screen now supports notifications and music controls. Another significant user experience update is that the third party Swype keyboard has been included. Filters have been added to the camera application, such as black & white, Sepia, Negative, etc - standard fare for camera phones. Also NFC tag reading is now supported - expanding the N9's NFC functionality beyond proprietary Nokia accessories.

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Nokia N9 starts shipping

Nokia today announced that it has started shipping the Nokia N9 to customers and stores. Nokia says the estimated retail cost of the N9 is €480 (16GB) / €560 (64GB) before taxes and subsidies. Pricing and availability will vary from region to region. In most countries it will be possible to buy the N9 SIM free, but it will only be ranged by operators in select countries

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Nokia offers N9 pre-orders at Helsinki flagship store for 599 EUR

The Nokia N9 can now be pre-ordered from Nokia's flagship store in Helsinki (Finland). The 16GB variant is available for €599 (£516 / $817) and the 64GB variant is available for €699 (£602 / $954). This is the first pricing we've seen from an official Nokia source. Typically Nokia's flagship and online stores are the first to receive stock of new devices.

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Nokia NFC plans emerge, with a new blog to follow

I was interested to see the starting of the "Near Field Connectivity Blog", under the auspices of Nokia's Developer program, along with some titbits about Nokia's plans for NFC and its devices. Read on for more links and quotes.

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Showcasing the Nokia N9's photo and video capture

Billy Perry, Nokia's global partner manager for imaging, recently made two posts on his personal blog showcasing both the photographic and video capture capabilities of the Nokia N9. The Nokia N9 comes with an 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar optics. Importantly for such demonstrations, the content shown was not processed in anyway. Also, Bill notes in his posts that the firmware that produced these images and video is not the final version that will ship with the retail version of the N9. Read on for previews.

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Nokia N9 pre-orders available in the UK

Mobile Fun, an online UK mobile phone and accessory retailer has announced that it is accepting pre-orders of the Nokia N9. The retailer does not yet have a release date for the device, but it has confirmed a retail price of £519.95 (UK Pounds). Pre-orders have also been announced at Expansys, but the price has yet be confirmed. This comes amid speculation around which international markets in which the Nokia N9 will be available. It also highlights the point that a lack of operator support does not equal a complete retail black-out.

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Nokia N9 Blogger Event in Kuala Lumpur

Nokia Malaysia organised a special Nokia N9 preview for bloggers. Some Malaysian bloggers were invited to the event which was held for two hours from 7pm to 9pm Friday the 4th of August, to experience the first MeeGo Harmattan device. This is a special report for All About MeeGo, by our friend Asri Al Baker from Read on for Asri's first impressions of the N9, along with several video demonstrations of the N9 in action.

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Nokia N950 - Slide-out QWERTY MeeGo Harmattan developer device

Alongside the high profile release of the Nokia N9, limited details have emerged about another MeeGo Harmattan device. The N950, which was not talked about at the Nokia Connection event, has been created for developers who will target the N9 and general MeeGo handset UI applications. The Nokia Developer website published a list detailing the hardware differences between both devices. Read on to find out about the N950's software stack and how to obtain one.

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