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More extensive Nokia N900 firmware update goes live (PR1.1 / 2.2009.51-1)

The N900's minor firmware update earlier this week (PR1.0.1) was to prepare for a larger update, and that larger update (PR1.1) is now being rolled out country-by-country. You can find the full technical details on the wiki. There have been quite a number of bug fixes and feature improvements, including support for Microsoft Exchange 2003. The new firmware version should become available worldwide over the next couple of days, so if you can't see it yet try again tomorrow.

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A beginner's guide to customising the desktop on the Nokia N900

Yes, it's another AAM tutorial video for those who are new to the Nokia N900. This video shows how to customise the N900's four-screen desktop, and also includes an example layout at the end. The video can be viewed below.

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N900 minor firmware update (1.2009.44.1) available

A minor firmware update for the Nokia N900 is now available. The update contains only minor changes. However it does include enablers that makes the device ready for its first major firmware update (PR 1.1). PR 1.1 is expected to fix a number of bugs and add a number of features including improved portrait mode support in select applications.

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And the phone of the year is....

You can usually trust James Whatley to have his head screwed on more or less straight when it comes to assessing the merits of various phones and smartphones - I suspect even more go through his hands than through mine.... Anyway, he's written up his judging process for The Really Mobile Project 'Phone of the year' and.... I think you'll be surprised. And then you'll go "Well, yes, I see his point". Interesting stuff, though my phone of the year is the less mass market Nokia N97 mini - it's just a shame this came in so late in 2009...

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The Phones Show 96 and PSC15 now live

Live this morning are The Phones Show 96, embedded below but of only tangential interest here perhaps, featuring an extended news, an introduction to the Nokia N900, a user story taking in iPhone, Nokia N97 and HTC Hero, and AAS's kevwright giving his Top 10 iPhone apps. Also live is Phones Show Chat 15, the hour long weekly audio podcast, in which Tim Salmon and I talk about our Nokia N97-centric (seemingly) universe(!), about Podcasting, about the Nokia E72 and about implications from Nokia's Capital Markets Day.

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Symbian to Maemo 5, N97 to N900?

There are a few people in the mobile ecosystem whose opinion I make sure to listen to. Mark Guim has been around the block almost as long as I have and here provides a (month) long term review of the Nokia N900, running Maemo 5, of course. If you're currently using an N97 (for example) and had been wondering whether the grass was greener on the other side, his review should answer your questions. Summary? If you live in the browser, you'll love the N900 - if you live in apps and media, then best stick with Symbian and the N97.

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N900 ships from factory, in stores soon

On Tuesday the Nokia N900 started shipping from the factory to retailers and distributors. N900s are currently being made in Nokia's Korean factory. Shipment from the factory to retailers usually takes a few days; you can therefore expect the N900 to start becoming available in retail channels at the end of this week. The N900 is shipping into Europe, North America, the Middle East and Russia. Availability will vary by country and retail channel.

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Live from Nokia's The Way We Live Next 3.0

Over the next two day I'm at Nokia's The Way We Live Next event, which 'features presentations and demonstrations from Nokia and our ecosystem partners, showing how Nokia are connecting and building the communities of the future'. You can follow along via our live coverage below or via @aas.

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N900 expected to start shipping in November

When the N900 was announced, just prior to Nokia World, Nokia specified a Q4 shipping date. Early pre-orders suggested the first retail units would be available in late October, but this is no longer the case. However we now have, direct from Nokia, some extra information: Peter Schneider (Head of Maemo Marketing) has posted in the forum that the N900 is 'expected to start shipping in November'.

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All About Maemo Podcast #1 - Maemo Summit

We will be publishing the occasional podcast, here, on All About Maemo, talking about the Maemo platform and Maemo devices such as the Nokia N900. In our very first podcast Rafe discusses the Maemo Summit with Steve. Topics include the Qt port to Maemo 5, Maemo 5 UI, Maemo 6 concepts, open source as business model, platform security and much more. You can listen to the podcast by the using the embed in the full story, downloading the MP3 file, or subscribing to the RSS feed in a podcactcher. Read on for more details.

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