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There's more than one perfect smartphone form factor

From the Nokia N900 to the HTC HD2, I'm seeing a groundswell of opinion turning against smaller, slightly simpler smartphones - but I contend that what you're seeing and reading isn't even close to being representative of the mass market and that, as usual (and I know because I'm one of them) the geeks are skewing all the analysis towards faster, bigger, flashier...

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The Features That Time Forgot...

In the early development phase of AAM, we did a number of articles to test the site which have now fallen off the news page but which can still be accessed through our features section. They cover a wide range of topics including an interview with Nokia's Ari Jaaksi, a brief editorial about the evolution of Maemo, speculation about what kind of form factors Maemo devices could take, and a review of the Nokia N810.

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Nokia N900 User Guide now available

The user guide for the N900, in English and Spanish, is now available on the Nokia USA website. The guide offers a basic introduction to the operation of the hardware and software, and runs through the key functionality of the device. It's a good way of getting a handle of the capabilities of the device. The N900 should go on sale in the second half of October, although this will vary by geographic market.

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Casing the N900 with CP-321

Devin, writing at the Nokia Guide, points to two official Nokia accessories for the Nokia N900. The Nokia Carrying Case (CP-321) is a slip case for the Nokia N900 and will be available in bacl or white. The outside is made of leather, but there's a soft inner lining which helps 'keep the display clean'. No doubt, there'll be any number of casing options before too long, both official accessories and from third parties. Another sign the the N900 is on the way...

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China Telecom develop first 3G Maemo tablet not made by Nokia

Maemo is mostly an open source platform and that means that anyone can use most of it on their own products, which means Maemo isn't just restricted to Nokia products. As part of a product range called Optima, China Telecom has developed a pocket computer with integrated 3G (CDMA2000 so it won't work in Europe or America) and Wi-Fi with a 4.3 inch screen and 2600 mAh battery. The specs sound good but compatibility issues not to say language issues mean that it almost certainly won't be available outside China. Video and images below.

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Wait a second, what's going on? What the heck is Maemo?

Some of you may be familiar with the Maemo platform from the Nokia N810, N800 or 770 internet tablets, but most N900 smartphone users are probably going to be encountering Maemo for the first time. If you're new to the Maemo project you might be rather confused by what's going on. What is Maemo anyway and what's happening to Symbian? We present a brief guide to these and other questions below...

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What the N900 and Maemo 5 could mean for Ovi gaming

The N900 has been fully unveiled and is almost in the shops. We know it will support many Ovi services, though there's no word about Ovi Store yet (but that may come in the future). Looking at the hardware itself though, what will Maemo 5 and the N900 offer gamers? See below for some thoughts...

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Nokia N900 - Maemo 5-powered mobile computing

Nokia has announced the Nokia N900, a Maemo 5-powered device. Maemo 5 is the evolution of Nokia's previous generation of Internet Tablets and aims to occupy the space created by the convergence of mobile phones, laptops and the Internet. The N900 features a horizontal slider design with a three line QWERTY keyboard, a 3.5 inch WVGA (800 x 600) touch screen, ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz processor with 256MB of RAM (and 768MB of virtual memory), 5.0 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, tri-band WCDMA and WiFi connectivity, integrated A-GPS, 3.5 mm AV jack (audio and TV-out), and 32GB of flash storage and a microSD card slot. The N900 will be available in select markets from October 2009 at a cost of €500 before taxes and subsidies. Read on for further details and comment.

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