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Businessweek: Stephen Elop's Nokia Adventure

Bloomberg Businessweek has published an in-depth article, titled 'Stephen Elop's Nokia Adventure', which describes how Nokia's new CEO is trying to turn the company around. It covers his first 8 months at the company and looks at the story behind Nokia's new strategy. There's a lot of interesting detail about the decision making behind Nokia's smartphone strategy, which took place in the first few weeks of 2011.

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4tiitoo plans upgrade of WeTab OS to MeeGo 1.2

Today, at the MeeGo conference, 4tiitoo AG announced that it plans to integrate the MeeGo 1.2 common code into WebTab OS. The OS, which is used on the WeTab tablet, consists of a user experience (UI) layer built by 4tiitoo, using the MeeGo UX framework for tablets, sitting on top of the core MeeGo OS. 

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Linpus updates its MeeGo products to 1.2

Linous has announced that it will upgrade both its MeeGo based netbook and tablet operating systems to the MeeGo 1.2 release. The Linpus MeeGo netbook and tablet editions have a user experience built by Linpus running on top of the common MeeGo code and UI building blocks. They are licensened by OEMs (Fujitsu, Lenovo and Acer) who build and ship the device products.

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Nokia to cut 4,000 jobs as impact of new strategy bites

Nokia today announced that it plans to cut its workforce by 4,000 employees by the end of 2012, as part of the restructuring resulting from its recent strategy changes. The majority of the cuts will take place in Finland, Denmark and the UK. They are part of the previously announced measures to cut Nokia's operational expenditure by €1 billion. In addition, a further 3,000 employees will move to Accenture as part of the transfer of Nokia's Symbian software activities, which was also announced today.

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Nokia Q1 2011 results - beats expectations, tough quarters ahead

Nokia has released its Q1 2011 results, reporting an operating profit of €439 million (down 10% Year-on-Year), with net sales of €10.399 billion (up 9% YoY). Nokia's device and service division's profits were €439 million, down 10% from last year. Margins in devices and services were 9.8% (down 2.3% YoY and down 1.5% QoQ).

Total converged devices sales (mainly Symbian-powered smartphones) were 24.2 million, compared with 21.5 million units in Q1 2010 (up 13% YoY) and compared with 28.3 million units in Q4 2010 (down 14%, QoQ). Worldwide smartphone market share was 26%, down 5% sequentially and 15% year on year. Read on for more analysis and more details.

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Linpus demos MeeGo based tablet solution at CeBIT

Linpus, a provider of open source operating system solutions, demoed its MeeGo based tablet solution at CeBIT last week. Linpus have created a ready-to-go tablet solution, based around MeeGo, with a custom user interface and application suite. The solution is aimed at OEMs and ODMs who are looking to get a tablet product into the market as easily and as quickly as possible.

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Sebastian Nyström - Nokia's new Head of MeeGo, Qt and WebKit

Sebastian Nyström has been appointed as Nokia's head of MeeGo, Qt and WebKit, according to a blog post on the MeeGo website by Peter Schneider, Head of MeeGo Marketing at Nokia. In the last few years Nyström has been responsible for leading Nokia's Qt efforts and has been an eloquent spokesman for the open source framework. His new job gives him responsibility for MeeGo and WebKit activities at Nokia, in addition to his existing responsibilities for Qt. 

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Stephen Elop takes some questions from Chris Ziegler on Nokia, Windows Phone, shipping dates and trojan horses

Over on Engadget, Chris Ziegler has grabbed a video Q and A session at Mobile World Congress with Stephen Elop. It’s wide ranging in the ground covered, although given the short time-scale it’s mostly sound-bites and short paragraph style answers. And some questions were outright dodged. Nevertheless, it casts some more sunlight on the decisions of Elop and how the next few months are going to pan out for Symbian, Meego and Nokia.

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Nokia's new strategy and structure, Symbian to be a "franchise platform", MeeGo still in long term plans

At its Strategy and Financial Briefing event today in London, Nokia has outlined its "new strategic direction, including changes in leadership and operational structure to accelerate the company's speed of execution in a dynamic competitive environment". Some more quotes below, but in short this means a reorganisation into "Smart Devices" and "Mobile Phones", and adding a new OS platform to its portfolio, with Windows Phone becoming Nokia's "primary smartphone platform" and Symbian becoming "a franchise platform, leveraging previous investments to harvest additional value". More below, and more through the day, of course. Rafe's on the ground, see the other Coveritlive news item.

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Live: Nokia Strategy and Financial Briefing

At a Strategy and Financial Briefing, which takes place at 10 am GMT on February 11th Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, is expected to outline his vision for the future strategy of the company. Rafe will be reporting live from Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel, London, where the event is taking place. You can follow our live coverage using this story or via our Twitter accounts (@aas and @allaboutmeego).

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