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A look at an important relationship for your smartphone - networks and manufacturers

The relationship between the network and manufacturer has always been one of the more opaque areas in the history of the mobile phone – and as the demands of modern smartphones push the capacity of the networks, the discussions and bartering on both sides continue behind closed doors. Which sometime open a little bit. Wired author Fred Vogelstein has posted a detailed look at the marriage of AT&T and Apple. See below for a quote.

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Nokia's Terminal Mode (car integration) progressing

What's the next step for mobile phone and car integration? One option is Nokia's Terminal Mode technology, which proposes an industry standard for the integration of mobile phones (and their applications) into the car environment. Nokia has developed Terminal Mode in conjunction with CE4A (Consumer Electronics for Automotive) and recently held the Terminal Mode Summit at their Espoo offices in Finland. This gives us a good opportunity to review what Terminal Mode is about and what progress has been made to date. Read on....

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Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki says 'the fightback starts now', champions both Symbian and MeeGo

Anssi Vanjoki, marking his first day as Nokia's Head of Mobile Solutions, and in the face of recent widespread criticism of Nokia's high end device performance and strategy, has come out with some hard hitting statements in a feature on Nokia's Conversations blog. He underlines the importance of Symbian for Nokia, suggests that a Symbian^4 powered Nseries device is 'a very strong possibility', says that, for consumers, MeeGo will mean having 'true computing power in your pocket' and that MeeGo gives Nokia the ability 'to take mobile technology beyond the smartphone'. Read on for further details.

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MeeGo Handset UX in screenshots and video

Following on from today's MeeGo Handset UX Day 1 release we have collated some screenshots and a video to show you the look and feel of the user interface. However bear in mind that this is an early release (pre-alpha), is incomplete and is the base from which productised versions (those appearing in commercial devices) will be created. This means any end-user products are likely to look substantially different. Read on to see the video and screenshots.

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The changing shape of Nseries - no scaremongering, just the facts

Nokia's quoted comments regarding the future of its Nseries devices have been causing much comment in the media in last few days. This editorial puts some perspective into the story - Nseries devices only represent around 12% of Nokia's Symbian portfolio and the evolution of the brand towards Maemo/MeeGo had been signposted since Autumn 2009. Moreover it is vital to understand that MeeGo and Symbian are complimentary parts of Nokia's overall software strategy. Read on for further analysis of the evolution of Nseries and a number of salient facts.

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Nokia fights back with new developer offerings

Nokia has made a number of developer announcements today, which significantly strengthen their developer services and offerings. Perhaps most interesting is news of a public beta service that allows developers to get their content Symbian Signed at no cost (compared to a previous first time signing cost of up to $215). Also important is the news that individuals can now register as Ovi Publishers (previously restricted to companies) and that the Ovi Store is now accepting Qt-based applications. Finally, and the most significant in the long term, is the first full release of the Nokia Qt SDK 1.0 and the accompanying Nokia Smart Installer (previously in beta). Read on for additional details. 

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Pre-alpha MeeGo for tablets demo

New on YouTube is a video demo showcasing the upcoming MeeGo for Tablet User Experience (UI). This was first seen at the recent Computex trade show running on a Quanta Redvale tablet and a number of other devices. The video includes an explanation of the multi-column homescreen, a quick look at the Photo and Music applications, a demo of HD video playback and a quick demo of Intel's AppUp app store. In addition to embedding the video in the full story we have also broken this video down in detail to offer you some insight into the MeeGo 1.1 tablet user interface. Read on for further details. 

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Qt to embrace open governance

A post on the Qt blog explains that Nokia is planning to move Qt towards a more open governance model. The move would see the community having shared control over decisions about Qt and its future roadmap. It follows on from the move to the LGPL license and opening up of the Qt contribution process last year. The planning for the move is at an early stage, but the Qt team are keen to have an open discussion with the community about the details and implementation of an open governance model.

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Telefonica to support MeeGo software platform

Telefónica has endorsed MeeGo by saying that it is working with Intel and Nokia to explore the ways in which it can use MeeGo to deliver innovative connected services to its customers. The company will be looking at the way content and services can be accessed from smartphones, netbooks, tablets and Internet connected TVs. Telefónica is the world's third biggest operator behind China Mobile and Vodafone. It controls networks in multiple countries primarily in Europe and Latin America under the O2 and Movistar brands.

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MeeGo carries forward Moblin momentum with ten distros

We've already heard about a number of MeeGo 1.0 based distributions that are in the works, including offerings from Novell (SUSE), Linpus and DeviceVM (Splashtop). A fact sheet issued at Intel's Atom Software Summit reveals that there are more on the way from International Syst, Mandriva, Pixart, Red Flag (2), Turbolinux China and VietSoftware. This means that there are ten MeeGo 1.0 based distributions / products that we know about to date. 

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