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Piracy is not the problem, piracy is the catalyst

Pinch Media, who provide analytic software for developers on Apple's phones, are estimating that piracy rates are as high as 60% on the iPhone (reports Pocket Gamer). You can be sure that this number is matched on Symbian, Windows Mobile other mobile platforms. The level of piracy nowadays is incredibly high. Apple's iPhone may be pointed out here, but a little bit of exploration online and every games console can be found to be exploited. Read on for my thoughts, though.

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Symbian to Maemo 5, N97 to N900?

There are a few people in the mobile ecosystem whose opinion I make sure to listen to. Mark Guim has been around the block almost as long as I have and here provides a (month) long term review of the Nokia N900, running Maemo 5, of course. If you're currently using an N97 (for example) and had been wondering whether the grass was greener on the other side, his review should answer your questions. Summary? If you live in the browser, you'll love the N900 - if you live in apps and media, then best stick with Symbian and the N97.

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N900 meetups in Moscow, London, Tacoma

Following on from N900 meetups in New York, Chicago, Helsinki and Dubai two additional dates have now been announced: London on November 17th and Moscow on the 24th November. Both meetups will take place at the Nokia flagship stores in the respective cities. At the meetups you'll get a chance to hear more about the N900, get some hands on time with demo units and potentially win prizes.

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PUSH N900 - modding project winners

In September we mentioned PUSH N900, a promotional competition / project, that asked people to submit entries for modding an N900. The winners, who will receive funding to fully realise their ideas, have now been announced. The ideas range from an aerial photography project, though a skateboarding N900 to a light graffiti tool. We look forward to seeing these project once they have been completed.

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Maemo Summit - coverage from across the web

As part of my post Maemo Summit follow up I've been keeping an eye on what people have been saying about the event in blogs and other online media. In this news story you will find twenty or so links featuring a wide range of content an opinions from across the web. For those who were unable to attend the summit it should give you a good flavour of what the event was like.

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Maemo 5 UI Team's YouTube channel

The Maemo 5 UI Team have created a YouTube channel, which they will use to "showcase the interaction design found in Maemo 5". The first video they have uploaded, starring Vilja and Veli (members of the Maemo 5 UI Team), gives a brief introduction to the calendar application on Maemo 5. It demonstrates basic calendar functionality, adding a new calendar entry and a real world example of the potential the benefits of multi tasking.

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Videos showcase N900's Maemo browser

Nokia Conversations has published two new videos, embedded below, which showcase the Maemo browser running on the Nokia N900. The first, a slick promotional video, shows a marketing-type overview of the key features of the browser and demonstrates a number of interface 'tricks', which help improve the user experience of the browser. The second video covers a similar area, but shows the demos running on a real device in real-world usage.

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Wallpapers for the N900

Code177 has set up a web site for wallpapers for the Nokia N900. The wallpapers, which can be used as background images on the N900's desktop, are 800x480 pixels in resolution. Some of the wallpapers are available in sets, containing four images, catering for the multiple desktops, which are part of the N900's 'panorama desktop' feature.

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OM Weather developer interview has published an interesting interview with the developer of OM Weather. OM Weather is a weather forecast application and is one of the most popular Maemo applications (150,000+ downloads and counting). The application supports widget / applet mode, which means it can be shown on the desktop. It is also one of the applications featured in Maemo Select.

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Nokia N900 User Guide now available

The user guide for the N900, in English and Spanish, is now available on the Nokia USA website. The guide offers a basic introduction to the operation of the hardware and software, and runs through the key functionality of the device. It's a good way of getting a handle of the capabilities of the device. The N900 should go on sale in the second half of October, although this will vary by geographic market.

# Posted by Rafe in Hardware, Links of Interest at 21:52 UTC, Oct 1st || Comments
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