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Nokia want to give Glasgow a Social Media gift

Here comes the Nokia Gift Machine! As part of Social Media Week, Nokia have installed a "Social Gift Machine" in Glasgow. Hooked up to the internet, with its own hash-tag on the side, all you need to do is check in via Foursquare to the vending machine and you'll be rewarded with a gift. Beyond "It's doesn't just hold candy" we've no idea what you might get, but we know of one Nokia N8 that has been given out!

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Nokia NFC plans emerge, with a new blog to follow

I was interested to see the starting of the "Near Field Connectivity Blog", under the auspices of Nokia's Developer program, along with some titbits about Nokia's plans for NFC and its devices. Read on for more links and quotes.

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NuevaSync improves multiple calendar support

NuevaSync is a paid-for Mail for Exchange service tailored to help all kinds of mobile devices synchronise successfully with Google’s PIM services. We reviewed NuevaSync last year, and found it to be a great help with getting Nokia devices to work painlessly with the Google cloud. NuevaSync has now added support for adding events to multiple Google calendars. Read on to find out how well it works and how to set it up.

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Nokia N9 Screenshots

Nokia Conversations has been fortunate enough to have a prototype N9 in its office, with which the team have been busy taking screen shots of just about every aspect of the Nokia N9's user interface and its core applications. It's a two part series going into great detail about all the well known and not so well known aspects of the Nokia N9's software. Read on for previews and links.

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Qt Creator 2.2.1 released with MeeGo Harmattan support

The Qt Labs Developer Blog has just announced an update to the Qt SDK. In a case of good timing, the Qt team have released Qt Creator 2.2.1, which is mainly a bug fix release, at the same time as integrating support for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. Support for MeeGo Harmattan comes on the day that the N9 was announced at the Nokia Connection event in Singapore. Read on for more details.

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Nokia N950 - Slide-out QWERTY MeeGo Harmattan developer device

Alongside the high profile release of the Nokia N9, limited details have emerged about another MeeGo Harmattan device. The N950, which was not talked about at the Nokia Connection event, has been created for developers who will target the N9 and general MeeGo handset UI applications. The Nokia Developer website published a list detailing the hardware differences between both devices. Read on to find out about the N950's software stack and how to obtain one.

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Businessweek: Stephen Elop's Nokia Adventure

Bloomberg Businessweek has published an in-depth article, titled 'Stephen Elop's Nokia Adventure', which describes how Nokia's new CEO is trying to turn the company around. It covers his first 8 months at the company and looks at the story behind Nokia's new strategy. There's a lot of interesting detail about the decision making behind Nokia's smartphone strategy, which took place in the first few weeks of 2011.

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Demos from the MeeGo Conference

During last week's MeeGo conference a demo area gave companies a chance to show off some of their MeeGo related products and solutions. We've collected together a number of video demos, captured by those attending the conference, to give you a flavour of what was available. The demos include MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition for the N900, iBuddie MeeGo Tablet, MeeGo TV UX, Indizmixx 2 portable studio MeeGo tablet, BasyKom's UI concept, Intel AppUp running on MeeGo devices and a Dance Dance Revolution style game written in QML.

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Nokia's repository of YouTube support videos

A definite link of interest of for all Nokia users is the Nokia Support Videos channel on YouTube. We’ve posted before about support videos having been posted for individual phones. Now though, Nokia have compiled all of these into a well presented, cover flow-like, custom YouTube page. Digging further into the standard YouTube video listings reveals support videos for other Nokia devices such as the E72 and N900.

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Opera announce new in-browser mobile store

The alternative browser company, Opera, has announced that the Opera Store is now available for users of the various browsers from the Norwegians. Powered by Appia, the store can be found at and will be on the initial speed dial for new users to Opera. In tandem with the launch, their Publisher Portal is also open for business.

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