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Why is the Facebook Mobile Platform interesting?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the key drivers of content on a mobile platform, and what Mark Zuckerberg has planned for his users will affect the mobile market. So Rob Jackson’s analysis of the announcement at the start of the month on the “Facebook Mobile Platform” makes for interesting background reading.

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Dave Neary tells the story so far of MeeGo

Dave Neary, the docmaster of and long-time member of the GNOME Foundation, has written an interesting and well researched progress report of the MeeGo story so far. Over at the VisionMobile blog, he asks the question whether MeeGo should score an "A+" or a "D-"? This is a great write up for anyone new to MeeGo; he covers the story from every perspective: openness, user experience, developers, governance, OEM's and operators. Read on for quotes and commentary.

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Amino Freedom - set-top box powered by MeeGo

In two weeks time, at the IBC conference, Amino Communications will be showcasing its Amino Freedom product, a a set-top box powered by MeeGo. It is a hybrid / OTT (Over-the-Top) device, which delivers additional content, via an Internet connection, supplementing the traditional digital (DVB-T) transmissions. It is has the full Internet (including Silverlight and Flash support) access via a browser, acts as a PVR and is able to access a home network (UPnP / DNLA). 

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Nokia and Intel open joint lab for 3D mobile UX research

Yesterday Nokia and Intel announced the establishment of a joint research centre, based at the University of Oulu (Finland). The lab, which will have around two dozen researchers, will focus on mobile user experiences, with a particular emphasis on 3D experiences and technology. Likely research areas include 3D virtual worlds, 3D user interfaces and immersive gaming. 

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MeeGo 1.02 for Netbooks update available

On Monday MeeGo made available the second update for the MeeGo 1.0 Core Software Platform and Netbook User Experience project release (the version of MeeGo designed to be run on netbooks). The updated version, 1.02, resolves several email and media player issues, updates syncevolution and connection manager and has more than 70 bug fixes. Read on for further details.

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MeeGo Conference registration now open

Registration for the MeeGo Conference 2010 is now open. Registration for the conference, which takes place between November 15th and 17th, is free and is available via the MeeGo conference website. A discounted hotel rate (from €105 per night) has been organised at the nearby D4 hotels, at which a number of additional networking opportunities will take place. 

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International Syst releases Metasys MeeGo

Last month International Syst announced the formal release of Metasys MeeGo, an operating system based on the MeeGo netbook experience software platform. It is designed to support the 'didactic requirements of the educational process' and to be 'used in the new generation of Intel powered convertible classmate PC'.

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Nokia's Savander answers questions today via Twitter

Nokia's social media outreach initiatives continue apace. Today, from 6 pm (UK time), Niklas Savander, who recently became Nokia's head of sales and marketing, will be answering questions  submitted to his Twitter account @NiklasatNokia. The Nokia Conversations Blog has invited everyone to ask any Nokia related questions they may have. Answers will come back via Twitter or via video.

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MeeGo Conference 2010 website goes live

The MeeGo Conference 2010 website is now live. The website is now accepting session proposals (speaking slots) and registration for the conference is expected to be available shortly. The first MeeGo Conference is scheduled to take place in Dublin (Ireland) at the Aviva Stadium between November 15th and 17th. It aims to bring together a technical audience (developers, OEMs, OSVs, and MeeGo project contributors) to learn about the current status of MeeGo and discuss future directions. 

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The Ramadan application suite is one more small step for Nokia

One we all missed last week, but Nokia have released an updated version of their application suite for Ramadan. Following on from the acclaim of the 2009 release, this year Nokia have gathered everything under a single application. When we talk about Nokia reaching out to customers, this is a wonderful example. See below for details.

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