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Asus hints at future MeeGo products

Asus, one of the leading netbook manufacturers, held a press conference at Computex in Taiwan earlier today. In amongst announcements about tablets and an Eee Pad ASUS talked about the launch of its own app store based on Intel's AppUp technology. While it will be available first for the company's Windows products, the intention is for it to also be used on MeeGo products once they are available. This suggests Asus intends to launch or have MeeGo variants of its products available in the future.

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N900 shipment numbers - 100,000 in first 5 weeks

Earlier this week an estimate, from Gartner, that less than 100,000 Nokia N900s have been shipped since the devices launch was widely reported. Anecdotal evidence, such as download numbers, Flickr activity and operator-led retail distribution in various countries would suggest this estimate is low. Nokia has not released any total sales numbers for the N900, but it did indicate that the 100,000 figure was reached 5 weeks after launch.

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Nokia N900 PR 1.2 update incoming

The Nokia N900's second major software update, PR 1.2 (10.2010.19-1), will become available in the next 24 hours. The UK release should be available today, with the global release following tomorrow (26th May). The update brings support for event invites in email, Facebook chat, video calling, portrait browsing, an updated version of Ovi Maps, Qt 4.6 support, updated application menu UI, and much more.  

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Ultra-low-power Bluetooth on the way

The Bluetooth SIG has announced that the 'much anticipated' v4.0 update to the Bluetooth protocol (incorporating the Bluetooth low energy technology pioneered by Nokia in Wibree) will be finalized and sent to manufacturers by the end of June. Bluetooth 4.0 could theoretically be powered for years by a coin-celled battery, has faster transfer rates, and has an increased range that can extend up to 200 feet and beyond (at higher power, obviously). Bluetooth v4.0-enabled devices should come on sale around the end of 2010.

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Offscreen Technologies passes 25 million Ovi Store downloads

Offscreen Technologies, who have released a wide portfolio of games, applications and eBooks on Ovi Store, have announced that their content has been downloaded more than 25 million times. Offscreen has focussed on providing content for Nokia's touchscreen devices, including the Nokia 5800, N97, X6 and N900. They currently have around 100 titles in the Ovi Store; some of the applications, including Level Touch, Bright Light Touch and Labyrinth Lite Touch have been downloaded more than a million times each. More below.

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Ovi Store continues to build a strong foundation

With over two thirds of users choosing to be billed through their mobile phone account (where available), and 90% of users able to use their own language, it's getting harder and harder for everyone to ignore the Ovi Store. It's on an upward curve of adoption by users, developers and networks, and now welcomes China into the Top Ten list of active countries.

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The future of the (mobile) operating system

Our very own Rafe is the author of a thought provoking editorial today over on Nokia Conversations, musing over the future of the (mobile) operating system and covering intelligence, location awareness and social nature. Comments welcome if you think he is, or isn't, on the right track!

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Video Report: Faster texting with Swype’s touch-based system

Rafe and Ewan McLeod are hard at work bouncing around Barcelona, and they caught up with a number of companies at the MWC MobileFocus evening. One of those companies, Swype, promises a “faster and more efficient way of entering text on a touchscreen device”, as Rafe finds out in this Video Report with Mike McSherry and gets his hands on an alternative input system.

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IDC puts Symbian still significantly ahead in 2013

Coming on the eve of Apple's big tablet release and Nokia's Q4 09 results announcement, IDC gathered all their numbers, analysts and (ahem) runes and produced a forecast for the smartphone market in 2013. Unusually, for an American data analysis firm, there's surprising understanding of the worldwide scene, with the headline stat being that the smartphone market will exceed 390 million units per year by 2013, with Symbian holding on to its world marketshare lead over the next three years. Quotes from the IDC press release and my own predictions below.

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More extensive Nokia N900 firmware update goes live (PR1.1 / 2.2009.51-1)

The N900's minor firmware update earlier this week (PR1.0.1) was to prepare for a larger update, and that larger update (PR1.1) is now being rolled out country-by-country. You can find the full technical details on the wiki. There have been quite a number of bug fixes and feature improvements, including support for Microsoft Exchange 2003. The new firmware version should become available worldwide over the next couple of days, so if you can't see it yet try again tomorrow.

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