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Nokia's new strategy and structure, Symbian to be a "franchise platform", MeeGo still in long term plans

At its Strategy and Financial Briefing event today in London, Nokia has outlined its "new strategic direction, including changes in leadership and operational structure to accelerate the company's speed of execution in a dynamic competitive environment". Some more quotes below, but in short this means a reorganisation into "Smart Devices" and "Mobile Phones", and adding a new OS platform to its portfolio, with Windows Phone becoming Nokia's "primary smartphone platform" and Symbian becoming "a franchise platform, leveraging previous investments to harvest additional value". More below, and more through the day, of course. Rafe's on the ground, see the other Coveritlive news item.

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Nokia Q2 2010 results - profits down but smartphone sales up

Nokia has released their Q2 2010 results, reporting an operating profit of €295 million, with net sales €10.0billion (up 1% Year-on-Year). Nokia's device and service division's profits were €643 million, down 16% year on year. Margins in devices and services were 9.5% (down 2.7% YoY and down 2.6% QoQ). Converged devices sales (smartphones) were significantly up, at 24 million, compared with 16.9 million units in Q2 2009 (so up 42% YoY) and compared with 21.5 million units in Q1 2010 (up 12%, QoQ). As such, worldwide smartphone marketshare was 41%, stable sequentially and year on year. Full story and comments below.

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Nokia's Terminal Mode (car integration) progressing

What's the next step for mobile phone and car integration? One option is Nokia's Terminal Mode technology, which proposes an industry standard for the integration of mobile phones (and their applications) into the car environment. Nokia has developed Terminal Mode in conjunction with CE4A (Consumer Electronics for Automotive) and recently held the Terminal Mode Summit at their Espoo offices in Finland. This gives us a good opportunity to review what Terminal Mode is about and what progress has been made to date. Read on....

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Yay for the fiddler - but have a rock-solid fallback

With my tongue slightly in cheek and with the news that sheds(!) are now firmly back in fashion, I wanted to mention a growing trend in the tech world - that of fiddling, customising and tweaking. Of devices, of their firmware and of their software. It's all huge fun, of course, but if you want to keep your life on track and blood pressure down then I'd suggest having a second, fallback device, also synced to everything you know and love...

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All About MeeGo - new name, new forum

All About Maemo is changing its name to All About MeeGo to reflect the creation of MeeGo, following the merger of Nokia's Maemo and Intel's Moblin. Our aim is to continue to inform, educate and entertain, through the provision of independent, comprehensive and high quality coverage of the MeeGo platform and ecosystem. Reggie Suplido joins All About MeeGo, who will run and administer the forums, which are soft launching today. Read on for more details. 

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The changing shape of Nseries - no scaremongering, just the facts

Nokia's quoted comments regarding the future of its Nseries devices have been causing much comment in the media in last few days. This editorial puts some perspective into the story - Nseries devices only represent around 12% of Nokia's Symbian portfolio and the evolution of the brand towards Maemo/MeeGo had been signposted since Autumn 2009. Moreover it is vital to understand that MeeGo and Symbian are complimentary parts of Nokia's overall software strategy. Read on for further analysis of the evolution of Nseries and a number of salient facts.

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Telefonica to support MeeGo software platform

Telefónica has endorsed MeeGo by saying that it is working with Intel and Nokia to explore the ways in which it can use MeeGo to deliver innovative connected services to its customers. The company will be looking at the way content and services can be accessed from smartphones, netbooks, tablets and Internet connected TVs. Telefónica is the world's third biggest operator behind China Mobile and Vodafone. It controls networks in multiple countries primarily in Europe and Latin America under the O2 and Movistar brands.

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MeeGo news from Computex - software, tablets and more

The MeeGo related news from Computex continues to flow. Acer has said that it has MeeGo products on the way and Movial has launched its end-to-end MeeGo services. Meanwhile the eagle-eyed Chippy from Carrypad has spotted MeeGo based tablets from Wistron (W1) and CZC (P10T) on the show floor along with news of a MeeGo based distribution from Linpus. Read on for additional details on each of these items. 

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DeviceVM plans Splashtop MeeGo Remix

DeviceVM today announced its plans to deliver Splashtop MeeGo Remix, which it describes as "an enhanced version of the award-winning Splashtop instant-on software platform". The new product, which is built on top of MeeGo 1.0, will give Splashtop greater functionality and enable support for developers to add third party applications. It means that in the future many of the laptops and PCs with an instant on feature could have that functionality enabled by MeeGo.

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What happens when the bars run out?

At every turn in the mobile world, you see online services being launched, and applications that tie into existing services. Examine the top ten things that a typical iPhone or Android phone owner does and I'd bet that over half (if not 7 or 8) involved Internet access. The number's arguably lower in the Symbian world (more built-in/local functionality), but the trend is clear - software and service designers are assuming that mobile Internet access is a given. But what happens when the (signal) bars run out?

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