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Never mind the DT-22, here's the 'Mobile Phone Tripod Holder'!

It's true that the accessory title rather gives the game away and isn't inspiring, but this is an accessory that's much needed in the smartphone (and general camera phone) world. Steve Litchfield muses on a predecessor and and reviews the latest product that claims to be able to hold your phone while it snaps or videos away.

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Nokia's Tero Ojanperä on Solutions and strategy

Nokia is currently transforming itself from a hardware company to a hardware+services (solutions) company. At MWC 2010, we spoke to Tero Ojanperä, EVP of Services, in order to get an insight into current progress. Over a wide-ranging interview we cover a number of topics around Nokia's service strategy including how Ovi fits into Nokia's software platform strategy, the thought processes that led to free navigation, the importance of services compared to phone hardware, getting content onto the Ovi Store, the importance of partners and much more.

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AAS Insight 105: Mobile World Congress

In our latest AAS podcast, Insight 105, Steve and Ewan discuss the news and announcements from Barcelona, including the Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro, Symbian^3, Skype for 5th Edition, Nokia's Maemo/Moblin deal, Windows Phone 7 Series Pocket Pro Mobile (or something like that) and anything else which we thought of interest and relevance.

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IDC puts Symbian still significantly ahead in 2013

Coming on the eve of Apple's big tablet release and Nokia's Q4 09 results announcement, IDC gathered all their numbers, analysts and (ahem) runes and produced a forecast for the smartphone market in 2013. Unusually, for an American data analysis firm, there's surprising understanding of the worldwide scene, with the headline stat being that the smartphone market will exceed 390 million units per year by 2013, with Symbian holding on to its world marketshare lead over the next three years. Quotes from the IDC press release and my own predictions below.

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N900 advertising in the mainstream (Times and Tube)

A number of adverts, featuring the N900, have started to appear in the mainstream UK media and poster locations. The most prominent advert highlights to multi-tasking capabilities of the device and shows six applications running on the N900's dashboard. Such advertising is likely to reach a more mainstream audience and increase awareness of the N900. Read on for more.

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Built-in one-touch contact access on the Nokia N900 desktop

A very short but useful hint which not everyone knows: you can access your contacts directly from the N900 desktop by just typing them on the keyboard. You don't even need to have the Contacts app open, it will open automatically at the correct section when you start typing. See the video embedded below for a demonstration.

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A beginner's guide to customising the desktop on the Nokia N900

Yes, it's another AAM tutorial video for those who are new to the Nokia N900. This video shows how to customise the N900's four-screen desktop, and also includes an example layout at the end. The video can be viewed below.

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All About Maemo's Facebook page opens

If you're one of the many people who spend their days on Facebook, you might be interested to know that we here at All About Maemo have finally opened our own Facebook page. Become a fan and you'll see all the latest AAM news as part of your FB live feed.

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Nokia N900 multitasking for beginners

Another tutorial video aimed at people new to the N900, this time showing how to launch several applications at once and switch between them. See below for the embedded video.

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Introducing All About Maemo's YouTube channel

We've now put our first videos onto All About Maemo's YouTube channel, which you can also see embedded below. If you want to see AAM's videos as soon as they appear on the internet, head on over to the channel page and click on the "Subscribe" button.

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