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Top Ten Things Nokia could have done with their London Nokia Store

Ewan Spence looks back with a practised eye on Ten Things that Nokia could have done with their Regent Street flagship store in order to have made it a success... Can you add to the list? What did the Apple store do right and Nokia do wrong? (and you're not allowed to say 'Sell iPhones'...)

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Nokia's masterplan for 2010 and beyond (Capital Markets Day)

At its annual Capital Markets Day, Nokia has laid out its masterplan for 2010 and beyond. Extracts from the full press release are reproduced below (there are several nuggets of interest) and Rafe and Ewan weigh in with a few comments of their own. None of them will come as a suprise to regular readers, but it is good to see Nokia laying out a framework for the next 12 months.

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Nokia officials 'reveal' Nseries future and Symbian-Maemo transition

Nokia has (allegedly) officially spoken up (albeit at a Maemo-only event) about its plans for Maemo to take over new Nseries models by 2012, reports Ben Smith over at TRMP. According to the Nokia representatives at the event, although further Nseries Symbian-powered smartphones will appear in the meantime, it seems that after 2012, Symbian OS will power the new Xseries and Eseries smartphones and Maemo 5 will power the eye-candy-heavy Nseries top end. Of course, IF that is to happen, there's an awful lot of work needed by the Maemo team - watch for our analysis here both on All About Symbian and All About Maemo. Updated: Nokia official statement on the report below.

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There's more than one perfect smartphone form factor

From the Nokia N900 to the HTC HD2, I'm seeing a groundswell of opinion turning against smaller, slightly simpler smartphones - but I contend that what you're seeing and reading isn't even close to being representative of the mass market and that, as usual (and I know because I'm one of them) the geeks are skewing all the analysis towards faster, bigger, flashier...

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The Features That Time Forgot...

In the early development phase of AAM, we did a number of articles to test the site which have now fallen off the news page but which can still be accessed through our features section. They cover a wide range of topics including an interview with Nokia's Ari Jaaksi, a brief editorial about the evolution of Maemo, speculation about what kind of form factors Maemo devices could take, and a review of the Nokia N810.

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Maemo Community Council election results

The results of the third Maemo Community Council elections are now available. The following were elected the Maemo Community Council: Randall Arnold (Texrat), Matthew Lewis(penguinbait), Alan Bruce (qole), Valerio Valerio (VDVsx), and Graham Cobb (gcob). Congratulations to the new council members!

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Three Apps on my Smartphone, and I'm still rolling along...

Are bulging App Stores overrated? Whichever Symbian-powered phone you own (or even if you have an iPhone, Blackberry, etc), could you manage with only three third party (i.e. add-on) applications? And if so, which ones would they be? Steve Litchfield conducts a spot survey and ponders a few personal theories...

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Wait a second, what's going on? What the heck is Maemo?

Some of you may be familiar with the Maemo platform from the Nokia N810, N800 or 770 internet tablets, but most N900 smartphone users are probably going to be encountering Maemo for the first time. If you're new to the Maemo project you might be rather confused by what's going on. What is Maemo anyway and what's happening to Symbian? We present a brief guide to these and other questions below...

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