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New Symbian (and Meego) applications not allowed in the Nokia Store from Jan 1st

We knew this day would come, but didn't think it would happen so soon. After January 1st, 2014, Nokia is no longer accepting either new applications or updates for existing apps into the Nokia Store. The email, sent out to all developers today, is quoted below, but my first impression is that the refusal to allow app updates is something of a contravention of Nokia's stated intent to "support Symbian until 2016". After all, without the facility to update apps to maintain compatibility with the wider world and to respond to security issues and bugs, the Symbian ecosystem is rather left in the lurch.

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Major update to cuteTube, adds Vimeo and cross-service searching

Available today is a major update, v1.7.3, to one of the biggest applications in the Symbian (and Meego) worlds - cuteTube, the YouTube (and other video services) client. The full changelogs are listed below, but the highlights are full support for Vimeo, a new 'quick search' box, and a truck load of performance improvements and fixes.

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Official N9 Twitter client gets an update

Just a quick note that the Twitter client built into the Nokia N9 has had an official update pushed to it. There's no official changelog, but I'd guess on compatibility fixes after Twitter's well publicised change in authorisation and APIs. To check your N9, go into Settings>Applications>Manage applications and then tap on the right hand update tab. Screen proof below.

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Notekeeper brings Evernote to Meego and the N9

Notekeeper was the slick, Qt-written application that stepped into the Evernote-shaped hole in the Symbian OS ecosystem and it's now available for the Nokia N9 and Meego too. Version 2.0 has the same capabilities as the Symbian app, plus extra N9-related note creation functions.

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Alvin's month with the Nokia N9

What a great, detailed and 100% honest write up of the Nokia N9 as it stands today (PR 1.3, etc.) in today's 2013 world - Alvin Wong here writes up how he's got on with trying to use it as his main smartphone for a month. There are plenty of disappointments and successes, detailed with hyperlinks to software workarounds, and I can't recommend this article enough. Most tellingly of all, coming to the same conclusion as me, Alvin confesses that part of him has fallen in love with the device, despite its many flaws....

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Version 1.1 firmware update for the Nokia N9

If you haven't already received the v1.1 firmware update for your Nokia N9, you soon will be according to Nokia Conversations. The update brings in a range of new features to enhance the user experience of the device. Notably, the lock-screen now supports notifications and music controls. Another significant user experience update is that the third party Swype keyboard has been included. Filters have been added to the camera application, such as black & white, Sepia, Negative, etc - standard fare for camera phones. Also NFC tag reading is now supported - expanding the N9's NFC functionality beyond proprietary Nokia accessories.

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Opera updated for Symbian and Meego

Opera has announced updates for its Mobile and Mini browsers, plus its MeeGo netbook and tablet versions. The core engine of Opera has seen numerous optimisations and tweaks, while the clients have seen significant functionality updates. Opera Mobile has been updated to 11.5 (for Symbian and MeeGo) and most notably supports viewing bookmarks saved in the Symbian browser, along with an import function. Meanwhile Opera Mini v6.5 now features intelligent autocomplete of domains and search queries. Mini 6.5 also sports a unified address and search bar, unlike Mobile 11.5.

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MeeGo merges with LiMo to form Tizen

Multiple sources have announced today that the Linux Foundation and LiMo Foundation have agreed to merge their respective mobile operating systems, MeeGo and LiMo. The resulting operating system, Tizen, will support HTML5 as its primary development environment. Like MeeGo, it will be designed to support a range of device classes like smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, netbooks, and in-vehicle-infotainment systems. The Tizen project will be governed in much the same way as the MeeGo project. This includes a technical steering group of which Intel and Samsung are members. Read on for more details.

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Nokia Car Mode application revs up with MirrorLink

Today, at the IAA (a car industry event), Nokia announced Car Mode, an application designed for the in-car use of Nokia smartphones. It offers simplified access to Nokia Drive (voice-guided car navigation with Nokia Maps), music and voice calling functionality. In addition, the application also supports MirrorLink (previously known as Terminal Mode), which allows for a rich connection between phone and car. The application, which has been developed in Qt, will be available for download from the Ovi Store in Q4 for Symbian Belle devices and the Nokia N9. Update: added screenshots of Nokia Car Mode.

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Qt open governance steps forward with Qt Project

Nokia has announced that the Qt Project, the outcome of open governance work that started in June 2010, will go live on October 17th 2011. Qt governance, roadmapping and releases will proceed the auspices of the Qt project, open to all stakeholders who are willing to contribute, with decisions taken by a community of Contributors, Approvers and Maintainers. In practical terms the hosting of Qt will move to a new domain:

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