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Pre-alpha MeeGo for tablets demo

New on YouTube is a video demo showcasing the upcoming MeeGo for Tablet User Experience (UI). This was first seen at the recent Computex trade show running on a Quanta Redvale tablet and a number of other devices. The video includes an explanation of the multi-column homescreen, a quick look at the Photo and Music applications, a demo of HD video playback and a quick demo of Intel's AppUp app store. In addition to embedding the video in the full story we have also broken this video down in detail to offer you some insight into the MeeGo 1.1 tablet user interface. Read on for further details. 

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Video: NRC demo - Nokia Image Space mobile client

As part of Nokia's 'Open for Ideas' event, I had the opportunity to attend the Tampere Innovation Experience @ Demola day, which included a showcase more than 40 research projects that had been guided by open innovation principles. I teamed up with The Really Mobile Project's Ben Smith to shoot three videos of NRC (Nokia Research Centre) demos. The first video covers the Nokia Image Space research, with a demo of the Image Space mobile client on a Nokia N900.

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Further details on Linpus Lite for MeeGo

We reported earlier that Linpus is planning a MeeGo based distribution and that it was being demoed at the Computex event. At the end of the event Linpus published a press release, which gives some additional details on the product. Linpus say they have added a number of enhancements including improved hardware and peripheral support (drivers), advanced power management, Linpus Windows Data applications (allowing easier access to Windows data on dual boot systems), online support and a LiveUpdate function to deliver upgraded drivers and new applications over the air.

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Video: Tour of Nokia's Experience Lounge

During a recent visit to Nokia's Espoo (Helsinki) offices, I had the opportunity to look round Nokia's Experience Lounge, which showcases all of Nokia's latest products and services - from Ovi Maps and Nokia Messaging to the latest Nokia handsets. As an additional bonus, tucked away in one corner of the room, is a set of shelves that contain one of almost every Nokia phone model ever produced. So how to share this with loyal readers? Film a walkabout of course! 

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MeeGo carries forward Moblin momentum with ten distros

We've already heard about a number of MeeGo 1.0 based distributions that are in the works, including offerings from Novell (SUSE), Linpus and DeviceVM (Splashtop). A fact sheet issued at Intel's Atom Software Summit reveals that there are more on the way from International Syst, Mandriva, Pixart, Red Flag (2), Turbolinux China and VietSoftware. This means that there are ten MeeGo 1.0 based distributions / products that we know about to date. 

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MeeGo news from Computex - software, tablets and more

The MeeGo related news from Computex continues to flow. Acer has said that it has MeeGo products on the way and Movial has launched its end-to-end MeeGo services. Meanwhile the eagle-eyed Chippy from Carrypad has spotted MeeGo based tablets from Wistron (W1) and CZC (P10T) on the show floor along with news of a MeeGo based distribution from Linpus. Read on for additional details on each of these items. 

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DeviceVM plans Splashtop MeeGo Remix

DeviceVM today announced its plans to deliver Splashtop MeeGo Remix, which it describes as "an enhanced version of the award-winning Splashtop instant-on software platform". The new product, which is built on top of MeeGo 1.0, will give Splashtop greater functionality and enable support for developers to add third party applications. It means that in the future many of the laptops and PCs with an instant on feature could have that functionality enabled by MeeGo.

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MeeGo 1.0 released, includes netbook user experience

On Tuesday the project release of MeeGo 1.0 was announced. It provides developers with a stable core foundation for application development. In addition the releases includes the provision for a rich user experience (UI and applications) for netbooks and related devices. This means it is now possible for anyone to run MeeGo on many commercially available netbooks, complete with a usable UI and basic set of applications (like any other operating system). A user experience for touch based devices, such as handsets (e.g. N900), tablets and automotive systems will appear in the next release, which is due in October. Read on for further details.

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Nokia N900 PR 1.2 update incoming

The Nokia N900's second major software update, PR 1.2 (10.2010.19-1), will become available in the next 24 hours. The UK release should be available today, with the global release following tomorrow (26th May). The update brings support for event invites in email, Facebook chat, video calling, portrait browsing, an updated version of Ovi Maps, Qt 4.6 support, updated application menu UI, and much more.  

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Maemo 5 Extras passes 10 million downloads

Downloads from Maemo 5 Extras have now passed the 10 million mark. Extras is the primary repository for Maemo applications. This represent a significant milestone for community-led software downloads. It should be noted that there are other sources for Maemo application (e.g. Ovi Store) so the total number of software downloads to N900s is significantly higher.

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