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Maemo 6: slides from the Maemo Summit

Maemo 6, codenamed Harmattan, is the next version of the Maemo platform. With Maemo 6 Nokia aims to deliver 'iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package'. At last week's Maemo Summit Nokia shared some key information on Harmattan. In the full new story below we've embeded some of the key Maemo 6 presentations, along with a summary of what is essential for you to know.

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Maemo 5 UI Team's YouTube channel

The Maemo 5 UI Team have created a YouTube channel, which they will use to "showcase the interaction design found in Maemo 5". The first video they have uploaded, starring Vilja and Veli (members of the Maemo 5 UI Team), gives a brief introduction to the calendar application on Maemo 5. It demonstrates basic calendar functionality, adding a new calendar entry and a real world example of the potential the benefits of multi tasking.

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Flash 10.1 on the N900

At the MAX 2009 conference Adobe demonstrated a new version of Flash, 10.1, running on the Nokia N900. Flash 10.1 is important because it is the first realisation of the Open Screen Project, which looks to create a consistent runtime environment, across multiple platforms, for creating rich multimedia experiences. Key features of Flash 10.1 include support for HD video and hardware accelerated graphics and video.

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Videos showcase N900's Maemo browser

Nokia Conversations has published two new videos, embedded below, which showcase the Maemo browser running on the Nokia N900. The first, a slick promotional video, shows a marketing-type overview of the key features of the browser and demonstrates a number of interface 'tricks', which help improve the user experience of the browser. The second video covers a similar area, but shows the demos running on a real device in real-world usage.

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Wallpapers for the N900

Code177 has set up a web site for wallpapers for the Nokia N900. The wallpapers, which can be used as background images on the N900's desktop, are 800x480 pixels in resolution. Some of the wallpapers are available in sets, containing four images, catering for the multiple desktops, which are part of the N900's 'panorama desktop' feature.

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Hermes - software adds contact photos from Twitter, Facebook

Ricky at Maemo-Guru brings news of Hermes, a piece of software which, by pulling information from Twitter and Facebook, allows you to automatically add photos to your contacts. The software works by matching the names between the N900's contact list and your friends list on Facebook and Twitter. The software has been developed by Andrew Flegg, known as jaffa to the community.

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Three Apps on my Smartphone, and I'm still rolling along...

Are bulging App Stores overrated? Whichever Symbian-powered phone you own (or even if you have an iPhone, Blackberry, etc), could you manage with only three third party (i.e. add-on) applications? And if so, which ones would they be? Steve Litchfield conducts a spot survey and ponders a few personal theories...

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Which three heavyweights will the smartphone market support?

While watching an interview recorded at the Gnomedex conference over the summer, I was struck with a statement from Micah Baldwin. In talking about the startup environment online with Jolie O'Dell, and specifically social networks, he said that any market can comfortably take three major players in the space. And given the crowded nature of the Smartphone OS market, do we have three clear heavyweights?

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