Maemo Community Council election results

Published by Rafe Blandford at 16:18 UTC, September 29th 2009

The results of the third Maemo Community Council elections are now available. The following were elected the Maemo Community Council: Randall Arnold (Texrat), Matthew Lewis(penguinbait), Alan Bruce (qole), Valerio Valerio (VDVsx), and Graham Cobb (gcob). Congratulations to the new council members!

Details of the election results can be found on the website.

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What is the Maemo Community Council

From the wiki:

"The Maemo Community Council is a five-person body chosen by the "Maemo community". The Council's primary purpose is to represent the views and opinions of the Maemo Community to Nokia, and vice versa. The "Maemo community" is roughly defined as:

  • all users of;
  • people sufficiently attached to Maemo devices via blogging about them, developing for them, or discussing them.

Maemo Community Council members are unpaid volunteers who are not employed by Nokia Corporation. Likeqwise, the Council has not signed a non-disclosure agreement NDA with Nokia. Maemo Community Council elections are held every six months."

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