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Published by Rafe Blandford at 13:17 UTC, October 5th 2009

Nokia Conversations has published two new videos, embedded below, which showcase the Maemo browser running on the Nokia N900. The first, a slick promotional video, shows a marketing-type overview of the key features of the browser and demonstrates a number of interface 'tricks', which help improve the user experience of the browser. The second video covers a similar area, but shows the demos running on a real device in real-world usage.

It is good to see Nokia release both versions of this video. While the marketing video is, understandably, slicker, I think the second 'real world' video has a greater authenticity.

One of the interesting appearances in the first video is the web version of Ovi Maps. Aside from reaffirming the capabilities of the browser, it looks like there will be more than one way to get Ovi Maps on the N900 (albeit in a more limited form).

The first half of the second video is narrated by Mikko Korpelainen, a Senior Product Manager at Nokia, while the second half is narrated by Martin Shüle, Principle Designer in the User Interface design team.

Some of the key highlights of the N900 browser are:

  • The open source browser is based on Mozilla's technology, which is also used in the Firefox web browser. This technology brings comprehensive web standard support to Maemo.
  • Full screen browsing takes advantage of the maximum possible amount of the N900's 800 x 480 resolution screen.
  • Live interaction mode, which activates an on-screen 'cursor' allowing you to fully interact with a page. For example, in the second of video above, the the ability to copy and paste text, from a live web page, is demonstrated.
  • Flash 9.4 support, which is used on many websites (e.g. YouTube) to play video, but is also sometimes used to construct navigation elements of even a full web site. It's the full version of Flash, in contrast to the Flash Lite found on many mobile phones, and, as such, should support a wider range of Flash-based websites.

  • Visual history, which allows you to quickly see, and move through, previously visited webpages.

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