Maemo 5 final SDK released

Published by Rafe Blandford at 12:15 UTC, October 6th 2009

Forum Nokia has released the Maemo 5 final SDK. The SDK enables developers to create applications for Nokia devices based on Maemo 5, such as the Nokia N900. New in the final SDK release are the complete UI framework (including multiple desktops and task switching), Nokia applications with related API, new Sharing plugin API, Scatchbox package updates, and open source for hildon-status-menu and librtcom-telepathy-glib.

The SDK supports development under several environments including Hildon/GTK, Qt and Python.

There's a good write up, of the information around this release, on the flors blog. For further information the wiki is an excellent resource.

Task Switcher

Source: Image from the Discover Maemo 5 SDK on wiki.

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