Flash 10.1 on the N900

Published by Rafe Blandford at 13:11 UTC, October 7th 2009

At the MAX 2009 conference Adobe demonstrated a new version of Flash, 10.1, running on the Nokia N900. Flash 10.1 is important because it is the first realisation of the Open Screen Project, which looks to create a consistent runtime environment, across multiple platforms, for creating rich multimedia experiences. Key features of Flash 10.1 include support for HD video and hardware accelerated graphics and video.

Maemo 4 and 5 have support for the full version of Flash, but most mobile devices use Flash Lite, which is effectively a sub set of 'full' Flash. Thus with version Flash 10.1 there is a greater degree of consistency between mobile ad desktop versions of Flash. This cuts the costs of developing cross platform content.

In the video below the N900 is the first device used to demo Flash 10.1. The video goes onto to demo Flash 10.1 running on Android and Windows Mobile smartphones, netbooks and other devices.

Flash 10.1 should be available for Nokia devices in early 2010 (though the N900 may get it a little earlier).

From the press release:

Flash Player 10.1 is the first consistent runtime release of the Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and high definition (HD) videos across devices. Using the productive Web programming model of the Flash Platform, the browser-based runtime enables millions of designers and developers to reuse code and assets and reduce the cost of creating, testing and deploying content across different operating systems and browsers. Flash Player 10.1 is easily updateable across all supported platforms to ensure rapid adoption of new innovations that move the Web forward.

The browser-based runtime leverages the power of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for accelerated video and graphics while conserving battery life and minimizing resource utilization. New mobile-ready features that take advantage of native device capabilities include support for multi-touch, gestures, mobile input models, accelerometer and screen orientation bringing unprecedented creative control and expressiveness to the mobile browsing experience. Flash Player 10.1 will also take advantage of media delivery with HTTP streaming, including integration of content protection powered by Adobe® Flash® Access 2.0. This effort, code-named Zeri, will be an open format based on industry standards and will provide content publishers, distributors and partners the tools they need to utilize HTTP infrastructures for high-quality media delivery in Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe® AIR® 2.0 software.

To learn more about Flash Player 10.1 and to see video demos visit Adobe Labs.

More information on Flash 10.1 is available here.

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