Maemo 5 UI Team's YouTube channel

Published by Rafe Blandford at 13:35 UTC, October 7th 2009

The Maemo 5 UI Team have created a YouTube channel, which they will use to "showcase the interaction design found in Maemo 5". The first video they have uploaded, starring Vilja and Veli (members of the Maemo 5 UI Team), gives a brief introduction to the calendar application on Maemo 5. It demonstrates basic calendar functionality, adding a new calendar entry and a real world example of the potential the benefits of multi tasking.

The Maemo5UITeam's YouTube channel can be found here. We've embedded their first video below.

It is good to see Nokia using a different approach to marketing and building buzz around the N900, ahead of its launch later this month.  The videos might not have the polish of professionally produced marketing videos, but you are hearing from people who were responsible for helping to create the UI they are showing off. 

We look forward to seeing more videos from the team.

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