Maemo Summit Day 2 - live

Published by Rafe Blandford at 20:48 UTC, October 9th 2009

I'm continuing the live coverage of the Maemo Summit in collaboration with Reggie, from Maemo Talk, and Mark, from The Nokia Blog. We're using Cover It Live, which is embedded below, and lets you read the latest updates, view pictures, vote in polls and add your own comments and questions. This news story contains the coverage from day two. More in the full story.

You can also be able to follow along on Twitter - follow @allaboutmaemo for my Tweets. Other back channels, which you may want to follow, include the #maesum hash tag on Twitter and commentary in the #maemo channel on the Freenode IRC network.

Where as the schedule for day one was organised by Nokia, day two and three are organised by the community. You can expect to here about many software projects and summaries of lightning talks. The keynote is being given by Ton Roosendaal (Blender Foundation).

You can read the live coverage from day one here.

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