Maemo 6: slides from the Maemo Summit

Published by Rafe Blandford at 17:35 UTC, October 13th 2009

Maemo 6, codenamed Harmattan, is the next version of the Maemo platform. With Maemo 6 Nokia aims to deliver 'iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package'. At last week's Maemo Summit Nokia shared some key information on Harmattan. In the full new story below we've embeded some of the key Maemo 6 presentations, along with a summary of what is essential for you to know.

Maemo 6 Technology Highlights and Nokia Nseries and Maemo 6

What's essential to know: Maemo 6 aims to deliver an 'iconic user experience and integrated Internet services in one aesthetic package'. Core technologies that remain the same include the OMAP 3 chip set, Open GL support for graphics acceleration and WVGA screen. Maemo 6 will add support for multi-touch on capacitive displays.

The home screen concept will evolve into a canvas style (think a large piece of paper, with the screen as a 'viewing port' you move around it), which is completely customisable, and supports both portrait and landscape modes. It starts simply, but can 'grow' with your device usage. It represents a move away from 'application grids to widgets everywhere'.

Maemo 5 is step four of five five for Maemo. Step five, achieved by Maemo 6, will take Maemo to a mainstream audience. In order to facilitate this it will include add platform security to support commercial enablers (e.g. DRM for Comes with Music). It will also add additional language support and local content support. It will become a key platform for Nokia devices targeting early adopters (technology leaders).

Maemo 6 Platform Security

What's essential to know: The next version of Maemo 6 will add comprehensive platform security. This is a necessary stay in commercialising the platform (e.g adding support for DRM protected content, adding support for secure data storage). However Maemo 6 devices will have two modes - open and 'closed' (with platform security). Closed is equivalent to the Symbian platform today, whereas open is equivalent to Maemo 5.

Maemo 6 UI framework

What's essential to know: The Maemo 5 UI framework is based on GTK+, supports single touch gestures, has limited portrait mode, and uses Open GL (graphics acceleration) in a limited way (e.g. for window composition). This will change in Maemo 6; its UI framework is based on Qt 4.6, uses Open GL acceleration in the full UI, is built to use finger touched interaction from the ground up, supports multi-touch gestures, supports both portrait and landscape mode and makes full use of cross platform develop technologies (Qt and WRT).

You can find more slide desks by browsing the wiki where links to slides (and, in time, video) are being / will be added for each session.

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