Mobile Office based KOffice for N900 (Maemo 5)

Published by Rafe Blandford at 20:47 UTC, October 13th 2009

A key application on any mobile platform, especially for enterprise users, is an office documents viewer and editor. At the Maemo Summit , running on the Nokia N900. The application support both ODF and Microsoft Office (2003 / 2007) formats. The UI will be open sourced and made available via the extras-devel repository.

This is a demo of what is possible and is not an end-user ready application. However with the source code being made available there is an opportunity for an interested developed to pick up the project and take it forward.

Here's a video demo of the KOffice based application running on the N900.

More information is available on Chande's blog.

A commercial grade application, Documents to Go from DataViz, has already been made available (and is being further developed), but it is encouraging to see other opportunities being explored.

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